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Skin needs additional clarification? We use cosmetic clay

in the Summer face skin and bodies needs more careful clarification. Dust and a heat do “dirty deed“. A time is hammered and skin ugly shines. Cosmetic clay will help to put a face as possesses the excellent absorbing properties in order. And not only: at clay a set of advantages, and just in the summer it is the irreplaceable assistant for additional clarification of skin, especially fat.

Clay matts skin, smoothes and condenses it. At regular use of masks from clay the skin relief improves. To all other, clay has some effect of lifting, thereby preventing emergence of wrinkles and increasing elasticity of skin.

If skin dry, then you do not abuse masks from clay as any clay dries skin.

Clay can be both white, and pink, and green, and black, and it is a lot of still what. It is considered that clays has every color the properties. Pink and white are suitable for dry skin, green and blue - for fat, black and red - it is the best of all for body skin. It is necessary to try and look for ““. It is possible to buy cosmetic clay in any drugstore or shop where there are departments with the looking after cosmetics. On packings it is usually specified for what type of skin this clay is recommended.

Face packs - the most widespread way of use of clay in house cosmetology. To dilute powder with warm water to a condition of dense sour cream and to put on massage lines on a clean dry face, avoiding area around eyes. It is the simplest option. But it is possible to make masks even more useful, adding to them various ingredients suitable your type of skin. For example, it is better to dilute clay with grass infusion. It can be any grass or flowers possessing properties necessary to you (a camomile, a sage, mint, a calendula, parsley, rose-petals and mn. other).

From clay it is possible to add to a mask also extracts of plants. Only several drops as extracts are products with high concentration. Why not to add extract of seaweed, for strengthening of skin? Or extract of a chistotel (with chistotely it is accurate - a grass not harmless!) for deeper clarification?

It is possible to add ready flower waters - hydroarmour, if does not want to potter and make a grass most. Hydroarmour is on sale in drugstores and in shops (as well as extracts) for soap makers. It is also the real “flower moisture“ of a concrete plant. In other words, rose hydrolat - pink water, lavender hydrolat - lavender water, camomile hydrolat - camomile water etc. Adding, for example, lavender hydroarmour to a mask from clay, the person will receive not only clarification, pulling up and consolidation, but also the calming effect. And after masks from clay there can really be a small irritation / reddening on skin which needs to be eliminated with something calming.

It is necessary to wash away a mask from clay right after it on skin dries up. And it is possible and not to wait for final drying (especially at dry skin). At first to moisten a face with water, then to wash away accurately, without stretching skin. To get wet (not to wipe, namely to get wet) with a dry soft towel.

To calm skin after a mask if it is required, the same grass (infusion), ready flower water or a cube of ice will help. On the same day it is good to put a soft cream on a face. As I already spoke, clay dries skin.

Masks can be done of clay not only on face skin, but also on body skin. in the Summer we carry a clothes minimum, and of course, there is no wish to hesitate of any shortcomings. If they can be eliminated. Such procedures it is possible not only to make skin of purer, but also to increase its elasticity. And also “to tighten“ body contours: clay well helps to fight against extensions.

From clay it is possible to add to a mask also natural juice of berries / fruit / vegetables. This weight can be used both as a mask and as a srub. And will be suitable for the person, and for a body.

But in the summer srubs it is too frequent it is not recommended to do. Skrabiruyushchy parts delete the become lifeless epidermis layer, baring skin, healthy, but vulnerable before the aggressive summer sun.

The mask from clay can be used also for hair. In this case can be added to it basic oils (cocoa, coconut, a peach, burdock, etc.) . To apply mix on head skin, to cover with a hat for a shower, then to wrap up the head with a dry towel. You do not want to spend time?

Make a srub for head skin. the Same weight massage skin between locks of hair, properly wash out water and wash up shampoo. Perhaps, it is required to wash up the head two times. After such use of clay, the general condition of hair improves, they become stronger, dense grow better.

Clay can be added to house soap - soft soap - a srub will turn out.

There was a small irritation on skin how it often happens in the summer, from perfume, synthetic clothes? Apply on the angry place a mask from clay - the irritation will pass.

Do not add clay to egg white if you do not want to cement the face. At washing off you will do harm bigger, than advantage of the mask. Masks from protein - separate procedure. Do not add also oat-flakes - it possesses similar properties, such mask (from clay and from oat-flakes), besides, it will be difficult to wash away.

Skin - good “conductor“, and clay promotes deep penetration into epidermis. Therefore, you watch that you add to masks from clay. It is impossible to add essential oils as absolutely precisely they will reach vessels and will go for a walk on an organism. Quality of essential oils in the majority leaves much to be desired today. The real essential oil cannot cost 80 rubles (as it often meets in drugstores). To receive essential oil - business expensive, its prime cost is high. Therefore if you do not want to get burn in the form of serious irritation or “to feed“ skin and all organism at the same time, toxic substances, do not use essential oils.

It is the best of all not to subtilize, and to use the old, checked ways to improve appearance. And clay and infusions of various plants, in the cosmetic purposes use for a long time. This means is checked by time.