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When the end to scandals with USE comes?

of USE... Something scandalous is already associated with these three letters often. Openings KIMOV prior to examination, the students taking examination for school students, abnormally good results in some republics of the North Caucasus are remembered mass writing off of school students...

the Russian public leak of materials USE and answers to them excites. Answer to a question: “How materials flowed away?“ - demands careful studying not only the public, but also competent authorities. Interests another. Why materials flow away? Why in the Network forums at which solve for others examination tasks are created?

I understand the swindlers profiting on the given opportunity. I understand students, it is interesting to them to check the knowledge, solving the USE tasks. But I do not understand the graduates who are carefully spreading for others materials, answers and decisions to them. What motivates them? Sincere desire to help other people? Certain benefit?

For a start it is necessary to answer a question: “What is USE in the opinion of graduates?“ According to one of developers of examination materials, USE is a report of the graduate before the state. In vain or not for nothing the state paid several years its training at school? Really, USE is a certain test which needs to be passed for end of one of grade levels. However USE - object of constant criticism. Criticize the Ministry of Education and its head, some political parties, taking an opportunity, before elections promise to cancel USE. It is remarkable that USE drew on itself attention. If earlier some abused all education system, then now abuse only USE, forgetting that USE is not separate system, and only part of system of our education which, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired.

For some the word “USE“ a synonym of the word became “evil“. It turns out what to win and deceive an evil symbol - a heroic act. It also motivates graduates to spread answers and to solve for others the USE tasks. It seems to them that they do right thing and cleverly. However they do not think of the future. And absolutely near future. Very soon there will take place the last examinations, and they will file documents to higher education institutions. And here - that will begin the most interesting. They with surprise will see that at many the general point is not lower, and in certain cases even above, than at them. And among these many, perhaps, it is rather - for certain, there will be those to whom they helped on USE.

It would be desirable that the graduate, taking examinations, remembered that, helping others, he takes away from himself the place in higher education institution.

Wrote off at examinations always. And in Soviet period too. But then there were other conditions. If the person could not pass examinations and graduate from school, he all the same could get a job and earn the living. Now other situation. Violating rules of carrying out examination, the person can break to himself destiny and life. There is a wish to address graduates: “Arrive reasonably! Do not violate the rule of carrying out examination!“ As a rule, the graduates who violated rules and caught red-handed regret about what they made.

Scandals with USE arise not in itself. They are provoked by violations. There will be no violations - there will be no scandals also.