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Alexander Abdulov: what it was real?

Perhaps, I am not right, but it seems to me that the group of the Russian actors whose skill was so high consigns to the past that they did not play - they lived in the roles.

Any constraint and affectedness, the text, appear, is not written earlier and learned, and sincerity and naturalness in any role - only the hero or the criminal is born on the course of the play or movie. Alexander Abdulov treats such actors (I cannot speak in the past tense for some reason).

U me. Long before our first meeting I as probably, many girls - teenagers of Soviet period, revised all movies with its participation, admired it both as the actor and as the charming man, considered his idol long time. Matured, married, maiden stereotypes and hobbies faded a little, receded on a background and an unfading romantic image of the prince from “An ordinary miracle“.

Mother was in hospital after the second heart attack, and we with the sister visited her in turn, every other day. And there, almost every time in a corridor, and several times and in chamber faced … Alexander Abdulov. As then I was told, he visited too the mother who was placed in one chamber with mine. At first we were just crossed, then began to nod each other at a meeting, then nods smoothly flowed in “Zdrassta“ … Then my mother was written out, and I about this episode forgot.

When I saw its first time in our casino (worked in this sphere long enough), did not believe the eyes. My surprise grew when learned that Abdulov the inveterate player, and spends sometimes at a game table nearly days. Somehow did not go in that it is so grounded that plays FOR MONEY! The bear from “An ordinary miracle“, Joaquin from the performance “Star and Joaquin Murrieta`s Death“ saved from shape of a monster the prince in “Scarlet Flower“ - it cannot sit at this blue cloth, hold counters in hand, screw up the face discontentedly and to litter ashes after the next loss!

Suddenly it raised eyes, I just mixed cards (he sat at that moment at Black Jack`s table), then once again already with interest looked at me.
- We did not meet earlier anywhere? (The most banal phrase to nonsense, agree?) there is no
- … I know who you are, but we are unfamiliar.
to Answer in a different way I and could not - specifics of work in a casino excluded the slightest possibility of acquaintance to clients. If God forbid your friend or just familiar came into an institution, it was necessary to notify on it the manager at once. However I perfectly remembered casual meetings in hospital when we visited our mothers.

Then any time Abdulov did not come to our casino, then again came and again absolutely incidentally it appeared at a table where I worked.
- I in my opinion asked you already whether we are familiar? Ah, are unfamiliar?. But I remember your person and is sure that we somewhere met!

This person still for me a riddle. Rare actors can avoid for the career of certain “stamp“, especially very known. Bruce Willis, in spite of the fact that played several “rascally“ roles, all the same is associated practically at all with invincible “Die Hard“. Vyacheslav Tikhonov will always be for us a noble intelligence agent or as a last resort the superpositive intellectual. And here we will take at least several roles of Alexander Abdulov: as his heroes are opposite and absolutely unlike! “Sitsiliansky protection“ - ruthless, through negative type. “Magicians“ - naive and incredibly kind guy. “A love formula“ - the somewhat eccentric servant of the great speculator who, apparently, is much cleverer than the owner! But personally it seems to me that the “real“ Abdulov is looked through most brightly in the movie “Ordinary Miracle“ - mysterious, laconic, seldom smiling, but how charming, just as the magnet attracting to itself!

The “yellow“ press of a lot of things impartial spread about Abdulov in due time. Allegedly from - for his thoughtless behavior and constantly changing hobbies on the “amorous“ front his first family with the actress Irina Alfyorova broke up. That from - for his unhealthy interest in gamblings the second wife, the ballerina Galina Lobanova left. That in life he was often sharp, unfair that it broke many female hearts the charm and then could not even remember names of those to whom sincerely swore love … And for me personally it remains still the HERO, and let him say a little, but each his word gets deeply into heart, let smile not so often, but the smile heats all around, and it all - an embodiment of the real man whom you will so seldom meet, unfortunately.

Always it is a pity when the person abandons us, death of any - the tragedy, but to what it is offensive when such people as Alexander Abdulov leave. It is not with us four years, but movies with its participation we watch every time as though for the first time, anew falling in love and trusting each his word …