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Telch - the Czech Venice?

during the travel across the ancient Czech Republic do not forget to visit the real pearl of Moravia - the small town Telch. Locals and tourists, often call this place the Czech Venice, the huge number of big and small lakes in which waters buildings are reflected in all the beauty is located here.

Despite the fact that the city size well very small (its area equals only 24,86, its beauty can quietly compete with such popular Czech places as Prague, Krumlov or Karlovy Vary. Here the, imperceptible atmosphere of a cosiness, the special charm inherent in all ancient cities of the Czech Republic is felt. Probably, for this reason in 1992 UNESCO entered this place in the list of the world heritage.

In Telche it is possible to see many amazing sights which are remembered by the charm and uniqueness. So, for example, having visited Telch, surely visit Zachariah Square which is considered the most beautiful not only in this city, but also in all country. It is surrounded by ancient lodges which possess unforgettable colourful facades, intricate arches and red tile roofs. Exactly thanks to these buildings the area seems rather fantastic. At first buildings were under construction in Gothic style. It can be made out in some details even today in spite of the fact that they were remade many times. In these houses the cafe, shops and souvenir shops therefore tourists can always be seen in a huge number here are located today.

Not less popular sight of the Czech Venice it is possible to call a unique Mariana column, numerous fountains and a city town hall that is in the downtown. The last was constructed in 1547, and it on - to the right carries the name of the most beautiful of the building here. It is also possible to visit church of Christoff and a unique Catholic church of Saint James who is nice to all Czech Republic for the melodious bell-ringing.

But the present hallmark and a symbol of the city the ancient castle which in 2007 vyborol the first place at a competition of “The most fantastic locks of the Czech Republic“ is. Constructed the lock in Gothic style though it was often reconstructed, especially in Renaissance when there lived Zakhariyash from Gradts. His hobby for Italy and everything that is connected with it, became the reason of reorganization of the lock. Thanks to the fact that all owners of the lock always with special care treated the property today tourists can admire its untouched beauty. By the way, visitors can look not only at historical halls and rooms, but also at premises in the lock. All halls have the unique names, and in premises everything remained as was in old times therefore tourists can learn how there lived noblemen of old years.

Having visited the Czech Venice, you are surprised how measured life is here. Here nobody hurries anywhere therefore sometimes it seems that time stopped. It stiffened, having forever imprinted on a smooth surface of lakes, remaining the fine and magic fairy tale to which it is so pleasant to return.