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What is “Gold spheres“?

It is sure, there will be people who will tell: “Why to write about these rural flowers, they still at all fences grow as weeds, creeping away on districts?“ And it is valid, there are still such places in rural areas where it is possible to see this overseas miracle. Why overseas, ask? Yes just their homeland is North America, the people fascinated by their beauty brought them from there and they were called then absolutely differently - a coneflower rassechenny. So the one who for the first time described this remarkable plant called them.

the Coneflower rassechenny - very proud and sonorous name, it at us it turned into “a gold sphere“ over time. And on business they received the second, more habitual to us, imechko - clusters of gold balls covered each bush of this flower since the beginning of July to the frosts.

It is remembered, I after the termination of the second class got as a gift Kaverin`s book “Two captains“, very thick book for the little boy, so I read it in a small garden near that house where we lived at that time, in thickets of gold spheres. We when were children, very much loved such places, gold spheres formed such jackpot what to hide behind them was continuous pleasure.

From where grew? And here from where: on a thick direct stalk, sometimes two-meter growth, the set of leaves darkly - green color grows, and below at the earth they quintuple, and somewhere are closer to the middle unexpectedly turn in three-blade, and all this is surrounded with abundance brightly - the yellow flowers with a diameter up to 8 - 10 cm growing on thin pedicels.

A plant it belongs experts to Astrov` family. This terry miracle almost all summer, at the same time blossoms if one flower begins to fade, then another - practically at the same time - to be dismissed. These flowers which are not closed for the night as bright small lamps were seen in twilight, and in cloudy weather you will look at them - and at once at heart it becomes so joyful as though the sun looked out.

Gold spheres are so popular worldwide that even east legend of their origin is known. The beginning as it usually happens in legends, has romantic roots, and the final - is tragic.

... One very notable young man fell in love with the sultan`s daughter, but the beauty did not reciprocate to him and to get rid of the boyfriend, enjoined to bring it her the moon from the sky. At night in a full moon when the moon especially low hung over the horizon, the young man also decided to get it. It climbed on the highest minaret and already reached a night star, took it in a hand, but the heavy rain went, the young man could not keep the wet moon. He tried to help himself the second hand, however broke, fell to the ground and broke. The moon which slipped out his hands returned on the sky, but thousands of its reflections in a set of pools turned into the fine flowers reminding to all of great unrequited love.

There is such legend, beautiful and sad...

Gold spheres, the coneflower is more right, found the place and in various customs and superstitions at the different people. One, for example, considered that a coneflower - nearly the best charm from an adultery therefore wives sewed up in clothes of the husbands going to distant travel, the dried-up golden petals of coneflowers. Others believed that this plant helps to improve the family relations, and the third hoped to attract by means of a coneflower money to the house. Yes much still any other surprising abilities ignorant people attribute to a usual cultivated flower!

But let`s return on the earth and we will talk about how to make multiple copies gold spheres. It turned out that division of the expanded bush as the plant has strongly branched rhizome is optimum. Here where - nibud in September when growth of roots already ended, and make this procedure. Begin with the fact that the bush is cut up to the height in several cm, undermine a rhizome and divide it so that on the separated parts there were not less than two stalks. The received bushes right there put on the prepared place on depth, usual for it, - in 8 - 9 cm, powder with the earth and plentifully water. If all of you correctly made, then the next year the replaced plants surely will blossom.

It is the best of all to put gold spheres on solar places or in an easy penumbra, and they love generally subacidic peat soil. Well and, of course, it is worth to remember to water flowers during a strong heat. The fact that they are very winter-hardy belongs to the big advantage of gold spheres and the special shelter for the winter is not demanded.

In conclusion there is a wish to provide the poem of the remarkable Russian poet Vladimir Kryakin written quite recently in 2010:

Gold spheres Are not present

in Russia of flowers, oleanders, magnolias, they lack

of the African heat here.

But here always blossom in the summer at liberty

These a miracle - flowers, gold spheres.

The stalk is harmonous, high as the little girl in a venochka, the attire decorates with

of Large leaves trunks.

of Eyes are not hidden by them even in dark nights,

Safely look at the World till an autumn time.

They please a look to autumn nenastiya,

does not frighten their cold of severe winds.

Blossom they to give to people happiness,

without inclining, blossom to abrupt cold weather.

There is in them the Russian character - not to bow to storms,

As if those tried to pick their flowers. of

They it is proud stand, without being bent, without frowning

I blossom, without hiding the beauty.

Only when cold weather mows harmonous stalks,

Will turn yellow and the grass on meadows,

They will droop will put heads on the wet earth,

That in the summer future to wake up in flowers.