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Milk - advantage or harm?

on June 1, the first day of summer, are the World day of milk. This holiday was celebrated for the first time in 2001, and by 2008 already by 40 countries (including Russia) took part in its celebration.

Despite such “tribute“ to milk, is much “for and against“ its use. Let`s consider some pro and some contra.

Advantage . All know that as a part of milk there is a lot of phosphorus, calcium and other useful substances, and also vitamins of groups B, A and D. Milk is also useful for the people suffering from osteoporosis (osteoporosis - a skeleton disease which is characterized by decrease in durability of a bone and increase of risk of changes), to athletes (milk - natural anabolic steroid), the patient with heartburn (milk lowers acidity of gastric juice), it is useful and in the period of influenzal infections (protein which contains in this drink, promotes production of immunoglobulins which struggle with viruses), helps at migraines.

At the regular use of cow`s milk immunity increases, memory improves, the mood improves, life expectancy increases. The daily dose of the use of milk for the adult makes 250-400 ml.

All also know that milk happens not only cow. Is also goat (it is good addition to treatment at an exacerbation of stomach ulcer or a duodenum, it is used for treatment zheludochno - intestinal diseases, tuberculosis, at treatment of diseases of a thyroid gland; Hippocrates cured a great number of patients of a consumption by means of goat milk), and mare`s (koumiss normalizes sekretorny activity of a stomach and other digestive organs, quickly removes a hungover syndrome, increases the content of hemoglobin), and an elk (milk of elks is similar to taste with cow, but fatter and less sweet), and camel (among its useful properties there is an efficiency against an allergy), and sheep milk...

However milk does not suit people with deficiency of lactase , with individual intolerance , for age after 55 years (a safe dose - 300 g/day), pregnant (not to provoke an allergy at the child), and also to vegans (veganism - vegetarianism form).

Though people began to use milk 7,5 thousand years ago, still there are myths and “reticences“. One of myths says that milk leads to a kaltsinoz (formation of deposits of salts of calcium). But it is only the myth because kaltsinoz arises only at those people who have to it predisposition.
Modern biologists say that milk can provoke breast cancer and ovaries, but cannot define what of components of milk possesses cancerogenic properties. As everywhere, here everything is good moderately.

“Drink, children, milk, you will be healthy! “ And it is the best of all to drink milk small drafts - room temperature or slightly warmed up. At boiling of milk many active agents, in particular - vitamin C, albumine and globulin collapse that considerably reduces its useful properties.