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Cake Sacher - his Austrian Majesty?

Avtriysky cake Sacher are considered the real small miracle which is capable to lighten in a moment mood and to improve health. The abundance of chocolate, and also a gentle apricot layer do this cake rather unforgettable and unique. You can not love candies or ice cream, but it is necessary simply to love Sacher.

Today cake Sacher became, perhaps, one of the most popular Austrian desserts in the world. Franz Sacher who gave the name to the child is considered his inventor and the forefather though similar delicacies occurred in cookbooks in the 18th century. Its birth became the real furor among people of society for whom cake Sacher was created. Even the emperor adored this dessert so strongly that he ordered to include it in the royal menu.

History of creation of cake of Sacher more than is simply interesting. Its emergence happened thanks to the fact that the chief cook working for the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria got sick with flu. The order of the minister Metternikh about creation of the most tasty chocolate dessert laid down on shoulders of the sixteen-year-old assistant the chief - cooks - Franz. Quite so also the most delicate cake in the world appeared. Unfortunately, the recipe had a difficult destiny. After the death Franz Sacher bequeathed it to the son, and after this dessert in family hotel in the territory of Vienna gave several years, sold it to competitors. Since then continuous disputes on what recipe of cake are conducted Sacher is initial.

Even today the recipe of the present original recipe is kept a secret. It is known only that for preparation of cake three different chocolate from Belgium and Germany which are used during creation of the most tasty glaze bring. Despite modern technologies, this cake always becomes manually, without use of mixers or combines, its aristocratic taste from it can change. The chocolate biscuit pours down gentle confiture from apricots, and then add glaze.

If you want to taste original cake, but do not know how to distinguish it from numerous fakes, then it is worth knowing that since 1832 on the original always set round chocolate stamp with the inscription “Original Sacher-Torte“. The dessert is always packed into a wooden box and turned in claret paper. Besides, precisely present original is sold in one of the oldest hotels of Vienna - “Zakher“.

Today many little shops across all Europe where this unique Austrian cake is on sale are opened. So, for example, it can be got in Innsbruck, Graz, Salzburg, Bolzano. Also there is opportunity online - the order on the website of the Austrian hotel. This cake transfers the road quite easily, it can be stored at a temperature of 16 - 18 degrees of heat. Except cake on the website of hotel it is possible to find also souvenir products from Sacher and various candies, chocolates, liqueurs.

Walking on ancient small streets of Vienna, surely treat yourself with a small piece of the real chocolate happiness!