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What is the paradise pleasure? Cake chopped with sour cream and cowberry jam

Perhaps also is those who do not love cakes, but personally similar racks did not come across to me. Rare will resist sweet temptation. We know what is unhealthy and besides cholesterol. And scales - traitors look with a mute reproach - here you in what are engaged here... nevertheless I suggest to prepare for

I the favourite most tasty temptations. Hide scales, centimeters and repentance - life is good if is slowly! And how ready factory or restaurant cakes, but house - out of competition were tasty.

Perhaps, not all will be agree, but it because that chopped cake with sour cream and cowberry jam was not tasted. Many got used that chopped cake is generally “Napoleon“ which prepares with the shaken-up cream from condensed milk.

I will not begin to argue: “Napoleon“ - a feature tasty. But house chopped cake - in general an objedeniye. Whether it is difficult to train him? It is not more difficult, than “Ideal“ or “Prague“, but is slightly more troublesome, than chocolate cake.

I can add that in the winter such cake - rescue when... “suddenly, as in the fairy tale, the door“ - on a threshold unexpected guests creaked. I cook several cakes at once, and then all them - on a frost. You get a piece, it will thaw - and as if just from an oven. Conveniently and favourably.

Before starting the test, we will prepare water. For this purpose we will add salt and vinegar to a glass with water and we will mix.

We start the test as this basic in a dessert. We fill flour on a board, we add cold butter or margarine. We begin to cut with a knife or a special hatchet. Flour is cut together with oil, adding gradually water.

It is cut until flour does not connect to oil, having turned into an oil crumb. Quickly skatyvay a sausage and, having divided it into several parts, we place in the refrigerator on an hour two. We get each part for expansion - on one.

We roll very thinly, pouring as necessary flour if the cake layer sticks. Cake layers, happens, are torn therefore we roll more carefully. Then we spread on a baking sheet which is greased with nothing. We bake in well heated oven. Cake layers are baked quickly - it is necessary to watch that they did not burn slightly. We get carefully ready cake layer - they very gentle and fragile.

We grease cake layers at once - the sour cream prepared in advance which is shaken up with sugar. We alternate in such sequence: two cake layers - sour cream, a cake layer - cowberry jam. Cake layers we do nine or twelve pieces. Until the top cake layer is greased, we will a little trample down cake for the best impregnation, and then we will grease top with the shaken-up sour cream.

I will notice that taste at such chopped cake, unlike greased with cream or condensed milk, turns out sweet with easy sourness. Cowberry jam can be replaced on currant or with other jam, but it which gives sourness.

For chopped cake it is required to us: flour - 3 glasses; butter - 250 grams; on 0,5 glasses of water - two tea spoons of vinegar (not essence) and a floor of a tea spoon of salt. For cream: sour cream - 1 kg; sugar - 2 glasses.

Honey cakes in many families are considered as a crown festive dessert. Their soft, thawing taste is so gentle and sweet - an opportunity to keep from a seductive piece a little at whom will be. Let`s indulge ourselves still a time, and I promise: I will not be long, like a dragon - the tempter, to test your will.

We prepare honey cake only with sour cream.

To whom as, and stryapany products with dairy products - sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt - are pleasant to me more, than with oil creams.

Well, ours medovik is ready to take a hot bath. Let`s do it a bath for what we will put on fire a pan with water, and in other, smaller capacity, we will kindle medical

we Will add soda which will begin to puff and foam discontentedly to hot honey. Then we put butter in honey and we mix. Separately we shake up eggs with sugar and we add to the capacity where honey takes hot baths. We remove a saucepan from fire. It was necessary to fill flour - we knead dough.

The turned-out sphere is divisible on parts. We roll and bake cake layers. Keep in mind: honey cake layers are baked as well as of the chopped test, - quickly. If in your oven there is time timer, then is excellent. If is not present, it is worth watching closely that they did not burn slightly.

We coat ready cake layers with the shaken-up sour cream with sugar at once, without being sorry. We allow to become impregnated, then we decorate cake top on the taste, depending on your imagination and creativity. But it - if you are in time if members of household are not ahead you, having shown miracles of speed and sharpness, kneaded the most tasty dessert.

For honey cake it is required to us: honey - 2 tablespoons; flour - 4 glasses; sugar - 1 glass; eggs - three pieces; butter - 100 grams; soda - 2 tea spoons. For cream - 0,5 kg of sour cream and 1 glass of sugar.