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How many water it is required to a human body?

If to conduct survey on “How Many Water Contains in a Human Body“, then the majority will answer 70-75%. It not absolutely so. Content of water depends first of all on age. At newborns water makes about 85%, at elderly people - no more than 50%.

As water it is distributed in an organism

If to answer in a word, then unevenly. The most part of water in an organism is a component of intracellular protoplasm. About 70% fall to its share. Intracellular water takes active part in ensuring resistance of an organism to influence of stressful factors of external environment. Extracellular water makes 30% and is a part of intercellular liquids, is a component of blood and a lymph.

Water gets to our organism in the liquid state , it makes about a half of all volume of the arriving water. About 40% of water we receive from firm food and 10% are formed in an organism during various biochemical processes .

Vodno - the salt exchange occurs through skin, lungs, system of digestion, but the principal organ regulating it are kidneys. Depending on amount of the consumed water, structure of food and features of a metabolism of people can allocate various amount of urine in a day: from one to two liters and more.

Through skin water is emitted by evaporation and sweating. The surface of skin is capable to evaporate to 300 ml of water, at high temperature of a body or environment - it is more. As for loss of water as a result of sweating, it depends on physical activities and meteoconditions. For example, in hot summer day long-distance runners can with lose up to 10 liters of water then! Through lungs with the exhaled air allocates per day 500 - 700 ml of water in the form of steam.

Plays very large role in regulation of water balance zheludochno - an intestinal path. water comes To it, and in its different departments the digestive juice promoting digestion of food is emitted. Their volume can reach 8 - 10 liters a day. The most part of juice is soaked up back, the small part is brought out of an organism at a defekation. The liver also plays not the last role in water balance of an organism. It is capable to hold a significant amount of water.

That occurs in an organism at dehydration

It is possible to allocate several phases as the condition of the person at water loss changes. In an initial stage when the person lost about 1% of water, it has a feeling of thirst, loss of 2 - 3% of water causes a breakdown, over 5% - decrease salivation and frequency of an urination, pulse becomes speeded up, weakness, nausea and apathy to everything appears.

It would seem to eliminate dehydration in an organism, it is necessary to drink clear water. However today such simple method can not work. Why? Many of us prefer to drink for a satisfying of thirst not of a simple voditsa, and to indulge themselves with a glass of any popular carbonated drink. Any attractive sweet water contains the long list of food additives. A main objective of this aerated water I am eager not to satisfy, and to strengthen it by means of special substances of an artificial origin. As a result of the frequent use of such drinks some of these substances collect in an organism and if there came dehydration, then they interfere with a thirst satisfying by means of water.

If dehydration happened to you in summer hot day before drinking water, it is necessary to rinse several times a mouth water, it will help an organism to leave the mode of protection against dehydration and to pass gradually to the normal mode. Emergence of feeling of thirst will be a signal to it. Here it is also possible to begin to drink clear cool water.

How many water the person needs for normal activity


the simplest answer to this question: everyone has to drink in day so much water how many it loses it that the water balance of an organism remained at one level. The minimum quantity of water which it is necessary to drink daily - 30 ml on each kilogram of your weight. At air temperature increase this norm can increase. At some diseases and in case of pregnancy it is necessary to determine quantity by recommendations of the attending physician.

Here several simple councils, how and when to drink water :

• Every morning begin with a glass of cold clear water.

• Water should be drunk for half an hour to food. At the time of acceptance of food it is better to refrain from a zapivaniye as water dilutes gastric juice and prevents normal digestion.

• After food water can be drunk in 2 hours if there is no strong thirst.

• Instead of carbonated drinks drink clear water.

• Water should be drunk before performance of physical exercises that in an organism there was free water for sweating.

• The people suffering from locks are recommended to drink 2 - 3 glasses on an empty stomach.

Water in a human body is a universal solvent in which all important biological processes proceed. That our organism worked normally, it needs habitual water balance, and loss of water from - and allocations has to be compensated for evaporations by its continuous receipt.

How here not to remember prophetical words from V. Vysotsky`s song:

There is water, cold water,
Drink water, water, the Lord!