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But whether not to begin to learn to us foreign languages? You already understood

about what the speech will go. About foreign languages. You think that this subject “avoids“ you and does not concern at all? Not, in this unpredictable world everything is possible in any way. And suddenly you will go to France in business trip tomorrow? Or to Brazil to sunbathe on the sun?

A wants to watch sometimes in addition the movie “in the original“ because dubbing-in - torture for ears. Both books, and music... Yes, this list can be continued long. And in general, it seems to me that learning of foreign languages - the thing useful because the horizons are broadened, trains memory, and also there is an opportunity to communicate with carriers of this language.

It seems, we understood why it is necessary to learn languages. Now there is a question, what languages to study. in the world 5000 (!!) languages - for every taste! They can be divided into a set of categories: Indo-European (here both French, and Russian, and even Hindi), “Caucasian“ (Georgian, Chechen and others), Ural , avstroneziysky , Papuan languages and there is a lot of - much others. And how, it is asked, to choose language for studying?

In spite of the fact that the most widespread language - Chinese , more priority is everything - English . Speak English in Australia, in North America (except for Mexico), in Great Britain, in New Zealand, in It is southern - the African Union, Antigua and Barbuda, on the Bahamas, in Bangladesh, on Barbados, in Belize, in Botswana, in Brunei, in Vanuatu, Guyana, Gambia and other member countries of the British Commonwealth of the nations, and also on Philippines.

And still English, probably, is one from the most simple languages for studying. Though to us, Russians, it can seem quite difficult. But all - this language is necessary to communicate with the inhabitant of the planet from almost any corner of the globe.

Personally it seems to me that after English it is worth beginning to study Latin . Latin is good the fact that it allows to understand and learn other languages quicker. And in itself studies very easily. It is better to begin with it. Besides you will be able to understand popular aphorisms in Latin.

Further, perhaps, will suit German language. I tried to study it. However did not learn to burr naturally. And language - that charming.

Similar situation with French . Language is magnificent, melodious, but some difficulties in a pronunciation (as well as with German) will be.

That who knows Ukrainian will suit Polish language.

Spanish and Italian - in general a separate subject. These languages - temperamental, passionate, with a set of gestures. Also study well.

In the childhood I liked hieroglyphs though I also did not understand how Chinese and Japanese understand them. And Arab was pleasant. Charming there was a childhood. But better learn that language to which there are abilities which especially is pleasant to you, then everything will turn out.

And about that, as to study , here the choice ooochen big. You can buy self-instruction manuals, communicate with representatives of this language, go to courses or to tutors, eventually there are many programs on the Internet.

Generally, good luck (English - good luck!).

P. S. It is my first article, request tomatoes not to rush!