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What will help to make my legs harmonous?

Come nearer summer. To me, as well as most of women, there is a wish that my legs were harmonous, beautiful, fine-molded. But, unfortunately, they are far from an ideal.

Nevertheless, for panic is present no occasion. Modern mass media allow to learn how I can make the legs not only harmonous and graceful, but also healthy, strong. Only the desire is necessary.

Unfortunately, a form and length of legs as well as color of eyes, and the breast size, are descended to us. But, training muscles of legs and a basin, it is possible to tighten the legs and to make them smarter.

First of all, it, of course, exercises for hips, calves and buttocks. Here it is only important to remember - to receive result, it is necessary to be engaged systematically, but not from time to time. For training of legs there is a mass of various exercises, but all - is some features to which it is impossible to pay attention.

Reducing the volume of hips, it is necessary to avoid exercises on tiptoe and squats. And here if you want “to dry“ calves, then it is impossible to apply power exercises at all, it is also not necessary to be engaged in a step or walking on steps.

One of the simplest, but effective exercises for reduction of volume of hips is it: to lay down on a floor, to bend the lower leg in a knee and to rest an opposite hand about a floor. It is necessary to support by the second hand the head. To raise a leg by 80 degrees from a floor and to carry out slow circles clockwise and counterclockwise. To do until the real fatigue. Then to lay down on other side. It is necessary to watch that loading went not on a back, and on muscles of legs.

Giving to exercises of 5-7 minutes in day, you not only will make legs more harmonous, but also will put all organism in order.

Great value not only for legs, but also for all figure occupations in a gym are. It is better to be engaged under the leadership of the coach and on the special program.

That legs slimmed quicker, it is necessary to adhere to a diet. Therefore it will be necessary to delete the products containing fats and sugar from the diet, and to eat mainly vegetable food, and also the products containing a large amount of potassium, magnesium and vitamins. Thanks to such food the metabolism is normalized and there is an improvement of all organism.

Disposal of cellulitis and pulling up of skin on hips are promoted by massage. Recently honey massage is very popular, it normalizes a blood-groove in hips, levels skin.

Special attention needs to be paid on heels. During the day it is desirable to change height of heels several times: higher, lower, absolutely without heels. And all - on a high heel it is necessary to go less.

Well to find the comfortable height of a heel for the legs. For my 38th size height of 6 cm is recommended. It is very convenient to me, and I try not to carry higher heels or I carry seldom. Important addition: when sitting it is impossible to shower a leg on a leg as you risk to get a varicosity.

To get rid of cellulitis, use wrappings. This procedure is simple, but is quite effective. In the beginning it is necessary to clear skin special lotion or a srub. Clarification allows to dissolve the horny particles to open the road to active agents. Then it is necessary to apply clay, honey, a mud mask, oils or any other special structures for wrappings and to wind the sites covered with mix. For receiving bigger effect such procedure is carried out in a bath or cover the wrapped-up parts of a body with a warm plaid.

Well and, of course, it is necessary not to forget to take off fatigue of legs. For this purpose it is possible to make trays with addition of the different calming herbs or to rub hips with oil of rosemary, mint, a juniper and a thyme, or to make any combination of these and other oils to accelerate blood circulation and a metabolism. And your legs will be as newcomers!