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What Father Frost driving surprised me with?

December, 1972. About New year there were only several days. I sit in laboratory, I write the annual report, it is necessary to hand over it nearly tomorrow, and I only - only started it, and suddenly my name is phone. I will not tell that it was an unusual occurrence, called me rather often, but this call was special.

my very old friend Grisha Polyak asked to arrive to the Central telegraph urgently. The request especially surprised me that the last several years we communicated with Grigory very seldom, occasionally, and here suddenly such requirement. To me only it was also told:

- Come urgently, - and everything, on that end hung up.

It is necessary to respond to such requests immediately, I knew this rule well and always tried to observe it. But as to make it if the usual way by the subway was excluded as to reach the nearest station of the subway, it was necessary to spend almost half an hour, and then to Marx Avenue of minutes twenty to go. It turns out minutes forty - fifty, and it was told “urgently“. It was necessary to hope only for a taxi, but where to find it in such time? To wait about institute - senseless occupation, taxi, of course, approach: sometimes patients are brought thus, and is more often than visitors to them, but how many for it to wait?

I run also directed on Krasnoarmeyskaya Street, there is a continuous steam of cars. Hardly, literally before a cowl of some truck, I ran across the street (it is necessary - that in that party, the center there) and right there raised a hand, begging about myself that though some car stopped and brought.

Amazingly, but the first car stopped, it was brand new “Zhiguli“. I rushed to the car, opened a forward door and measurement in surprise. The real Father Frost sat in the car: moustaches, a beard - the presents, any cotton wool, a caftan or as there its outerwear, brand new, silk is called, beautiful such red color, a cap on the head too red with a white edge, and too everything obviously real. And the most important, as shook me to a sleep, Father Frost conveniently so settled down on a back seat, forward driver`s was absent at all.

- At once consider, Father Frost does not take money, - I hard of hearing of - for magnificent moustaches and a beard heard a voice.

- Forgive, and to the Central Telegraph you will not throw? - by the out of breath voice I asked.

- I see that you hurry very much, I go approximately there so you sit down and do not pay attention to me.

It is good to tell - do not turn as though I with Father Frost drive every day in the machine and that he from back sitting by car drove. I got into “Zhiguli“ and stared at Father Frost. Nothing, however, legs at it - long and ruchishch too rather big as it dexterously from a back seat operates them. And Father Frost laughs:

- I am a basketball player, for us it is necessary to build special cars, and we should on such roll here. My surname Edeshko was heard, maybe.

I slightly did not lose a speech power:

- You really Ivan Edeshko, Olympic champion?

- Yes, and you even know how my name is? - enough he smiled, through moustaches it was visible how his teeth flashed.

- Who did not see your amazing pass to Alexander Belov?

Here it is necessary to make small retreat and to explain to the younger generation about what pass it is.

Business was, I repeat, in December, 1972, and here in the summer of the same year in the final of the Munich Olympic Games our and American basketball national teams met. The match was fantastic on an intrigue, ours conducted with rather big advantage in the beginning, but the ending remained for Americans. And here in three seconds until the end of a match when Americans won against us one point, from - for lateral on our half weeding a ball Ivan Edeshko entered into game. The strong throw, a ball flew by almost through all field, Alexander Belov flew up in air, accepted a ball and sent it to a basket of rivals at the same time with a whistle about the end of game. For the first time exactly there, in Munich our basketball players became Olympic champions.

Americans long tried to challenge the solution of a judiciary board, even refused to get silver medals which still in a staff - the apartment of the International Olympic Committee are stored in the safe.

And here I sit in the vehicle which from back sitting is operated by one of heroes of those Olympic Games - Ivan Edeshko. By the way, it still enters the symbolical five of the best basketball players of the world, and its filigree, accurately directed passes do not have equal.

- You understand, ours departed to the States on New Year`s Eve traditional tournament, and I something zasoplivitsya absolutely, here the doctor of the national team also made the decision to leave me at home. And children punished, if I in Moscow remained, this uniform to put on, - it showed on a caftan, - and to their kids (and kids and in the national team and in CSKA are available much) to carry gifts. Here I across Moscow also should roll now.

It finished this phrase already at the most Central telegraph, somehow very much quickly there go the Olympic champion and traffic lights us met everything by green light and saw off. It is a pity, and that I would talk to it a little more, but it was necessary only to say with low bow:

- Many thanks!

And to wish it good health, sports success, to congratulate with coming New year. And that to a meeting with the very old friend - that it already another story altogether.