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How to buy the second-hand car without troubles?

Search engines of the Internet will give a great lot of answers to this question. In the majority councils similar. To you will make efficient recommendations about verification of documents on the car, will suggest to glance personally under a cowl, to survey power units, a body, to the electrician, to smell salon not to get the drowned man, well and, certainly, to test a suspension bracket.

It is useful, but there is an option other - “Without troubles!“.

Judge for yourself, well why you, ordinary motorist, to stuff itself the head with the car device? With only one theory to expose the swindler or to find out all malfunctions of the car all the same difficult. And therefore conform to a golden rule: “Everyone has to go about the own business“ .

We trust safety to bank. Let it act as the guarantor of the transaction, filtering all cars - ghosts. And those, as we know, disappear at registration - go to an auto pound. It is favorable to deal with bank.

You sign the contract, you look for the car, and the staff of service of own safety checks legal purity of the car. After successful acquisition we pay off with the creditor ahead of schedule, at the same time we pay only the current percent of a car loan in a month, about 16%. Beauty!

But in this case you are obliged to insure the car on the COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE, the sum will make 5-10% of car cost. The percent depends on year of release of the car, its value for car thieves, equipment anticreeping system, a driver`s experience of each person allowed to driving and still a number of the facts. Certainly, someone will see minus here, and someone plus - your car will be insured from risks of plunder and damage.

Everything is good, here only the bank does not protect you from acquisition of the car - the werewolf. Those look as new and work regularly. However, only the first month, and further - the suspension bracket began to knock, the smoke gray of an exhaust pipe tumbled down, the transmission got nervous or, what is worse, - the engine stuffed. That`s it here responsibility for operability of the car lays down only on you, and there is nobody more, so it is worth addressing professionals - to drive the car into car service and to carry out full diagnostics.

Technical service should be chosen full, with a totality of experts of a narrow orientation. Dirty masters - know-it-alls with the hammer in hands will not be able to notice for all malfunctions! And here electronic stands will reveal the hidden defects. Certainly, for diagnostics it is necessary to lay out “kopek“, but, believe, it is worth it. After car service it is possible to demand from the seller a discount for repair safely.

And still: before taking the car, find out the place of its origin according to the passport of the vehicle. The market of Russia is full a product of the Japanese automotive industry, the spare part on these cars much cheaper and it is possible to get them without problems in any large city what not to tell about the same Japanese, only the American assembly. Details go on those cars only under the order from Europe and are more expensive.

Decided to take the car without troubles, take. Let professionals do the work, and you get the most pleasant occupation - to decide on make of the car, on color and a complete set. Successful purchase!