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Bread to all head? In Italy - it is undoubted!

Italians always with special awe belonged to the food. Therefore, probably, there will be no country where it would be possible to see such variety of national dishes. In spite of the fact that many consider that in Italy paste and pizza are considered the most popular, Italians cannot present the life without bread.

Bread in Italy is a true embodiment of the card according to which it is possible to travel around the country. Even in the most small and imperceptible town it is obligatory to eat the unique tradition of baking of bread. Besides it is created not commercially here, and in the old manner - in small family bakeries.

Despite general love to bread, in each part of Italy it is baked absolutely in own way. So, residents of the northern cities love beautiful and a crisp, and southerners prefer a sweetish crumb. At the same time names of bread are so poetical that sound as the real music.

Of course, only the Italian will be able to understand numerous names and features of bread in Italy, but we can allocate at least some of its most popular types which need precisely to be tried, having visited this solar country.

Ciabatta - traditions of centuries-old history

Aroma of ciabatta - the real Italian bread from white flour - is considered one of the finest around the world. The fact that the name of this popular bread is translated into Russian as “boot“ thanks to its unusual form is interesting. Ciabatta in Italy is eaten practically with any dish, sometimes just with olive oil or a mozzarella. As the main feature of this bread it is possible to consider the fact that it is loved in all areas of the country, though bake differently. Grissini`s

- tenderness in each stick

the Small crackling breadsticks of a grissina can be seen at each Italian restaurant. As a rule, visitors can have them the bite before bring a main course. Of course, at restaurants these sticks - industrial production, but many hostesses bake grissin according to own recipe. For the first time this bread appeared in the territory of Turin in 1678, the crackling sticks were created especially for a table of the duke Savoysky.

Focaccia - the ancestor of modern pizza

Focaccia is created by

from the same ingredients, as dough for modern Italian pizza therefore this bread is often called the primogenitor of a dish popular today. However, many hostesses love, except yeast, flour and water, to add to dough also a little milk that gives to bread more curvy shape.

Focaccia can be absolutely different in taste: salty or sweet, with olive oil or with the Italian fragrant herbs, with tomatoes or cheese. But Italians say that just it is enough even to feel aroma focaccia to be sated.

Having visited Italy, surely try at least one of types of popular Italian bread. Here bread is not just a component of a set of necessary products, it is a symbol of a combination of violent fun, solar mood, and also real spirit of the emotional people.