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Whether acceptance the gay - orientations in the modern world is possible?

In the majority of families at recognition of the guy or girl in the nonconventional orientation:“ The key phrase of parents “And you thought of us? What about us will be told by people if they learn?“ Some react even more aggressively, to kill, treat, get out, you to me any more not....

Quote: The love comes to strange time and strange ways.
Close friends (Queer as folk) of

That is leaves that it is necessary to strangle in himself the essence and desire, what makes you happy if only it was convenient to someone and it was combined with their outdated homophobic morals, parents if only about it were told nothing of that kind, type your son or the daughter of nonconventional orientation, you are bad parents.

Tsytata: I do not understand why it is necessary to push away the person whom you love? Close friends (Queer as folk) of
of Lindsay Piterson

All parents, natives of that era of time where a lot of things there was a taboo where the slightest deviation is unimportant in what from the framework established by society punished
and blamed, adhere similar to thoughts. In people cruelty, persecution not such as they, hatred unclear to what is preached. Many at a frank question are not even able to answer: and why they hate gays what they it made by it why orientation of other person somehow concerns them?

Quote: Brian Kini:da, I am a gay. But while I have no you, not your dog business
Series Close friends

in reply habitually receive a stream of unmotivated aggression which has under itself zazombirovany outdated opinion of intolerance emotion of rage, in the head of people. If in the future the situation does not change young people will consider that to commit suicide for them the only way.

Quote: Why our society approves two men holding guns than two men holding hands more willingly?
Ernest Gaines 1933.

Considering all these gomofobsky laws about a gay propaganda ban in some countries, all their essence is directed not to protection of morality of children as they claim, and on satisfaction of the unclear, pathos ambitions which are directed only to heat human hatred and intolerance. Without sensible explanation and understanding of all the gay - societies and its cultures, about a minimum of outdated information, at people develop some unclear opinions on people of nonconventional orientation, on the basis of shortage of this clearness in usual questions, it pours out in usual abuse and rage with shouts it is unnatural.

As the American psychologist George Ueynberg told: Many people secretly think that gays are much happier, and want to punish them for it. If to think of his words now partly and there is it.

Quote: By nature all human beings are bisexual - are capable to love people of both sexes.
From the magazine of the American medical association, 1914

Similar statement is not than that mythical for a long time, it was, let it is not so widespread, but it was. The essence of human nature is not concentrated only on search of the partner for a reproduction. It is sent to search for a soulmate to you. So what if sometimes it is two guys or two girls why they cannot be happy, only because they same-gender.

Quote: When you overcome the fear, you understand that a floor has own prison.
Derek Jarman, the English film director, the artist, 1942 - 1994

Entering society under that framework and borders which are established by a small small group of people which do not understand that the world changes that we live in the 21st century, and evolution time comes now.

Quote: If Michelangelo was a hetero, the Sistine Chapel would be pasted over with wall-paper. Robin Tyler, the American comedy actress, LGBT - the activist

Anekdot: Daughter: The father, I am a lesbian. Father: I am glad that you told. Second daughter: Father, I too. Father: In this family what, nobody loves the member? Son: I love. Very much.
Why everything cannot look at least so.

Quote: Mind and intuition are required to realize the homosexuality, and extraordinary courage to live and be proud of it.
Jason Bateman

One of phrases which struck me during swimming in a world wide web was Lowell Selvin`s words:
Ya did not suspect about the homosexuality until saw the person with whom my soul fell in love earlier, than I“.

So popular expression of the fact that a floor at the choice of the person does not matter you fall in love with soul, emotions, laughter, shine of eyes, with heat... And it is not important that that person can appear one with you a floor. The main thing what near it you feel to yourself fully happy.

Quote: When you see the handsome guy, he is pleasant to you why it cannot be pleasant to other man? To hate for it?. Strange. Bonnie Tyler`s

I can only hope that once we will be able to live in the world where discrimination will be mentioned only in books on stories, in the world in which the guy or the girl will be able quietly to tell all I love the person of the floor and to be at the same time the accepted society and a family. It is possible when we realize that are capable of it, borders to collapse and the new hope will be able to bring light to those who live in darkness.

Personal opinion Author: Yulianna Gayevskaya