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To what the ex-boyfriend dreams?

the Meeting with the ex-boyfriend in life - the phenomenon explainable, and here talk with it in a dream moreover when nearby the new beloved - the most real riddle sleeps. Why it dreams

? Life changed, the love, plans for the future etc. appeared. Of the past there is no trace left also, but …

He thinks of you?

Many girls connect by

emergence being in a dream with its personal feelings and experiences. If dreams - means, still loves and cannot forget.

And why then does not call? Hesitates or is not sure that you will reciprocate to it.

On the one hand, everything is logical, but we will try to look at a situation from other foreshortening.

How his thoughts influence your dreams? It is possible to assume that it possesses magic abilities and tries to get into your subconsciousness.

Or it established invisible connection with you. Agree, sounds a little strange.

The matter is that dreams are a projection unconscious, storing in itself a set of interesting and mysterious puzzles. What disturbs you at the subconscious level is shown in a dream in the form of symbols and signs.

So, maybe, business all - in you?

About what are told by your feelings?

the Ex-boyfriend in a dream can mean the disturbing incompleteness of one of stages of your relations. Most often this stage is “unfinished parting“.

That is in life you placed all points over “i“, but in soul doubts continue to torment you. Whether correctly you arrived? Who was guilty? Whether it was possible to correct a situation?

Having woken up, at once write down that you felt during a dream. Offense or regret? Melancholy or pleasure? Pay attention to feelings after awakening.

The pleasure, as a rule, demonstrates that you were happy in the last relations and, perhaps, want to return them.

The offense speaks about the hidden aggression to the former partner which can be reflected in the present union. A regret - a sign of deep sense of guilt.

Each feeling needs to be worked to get rid of the disturbing dreams.

However not everything is so simple. Dreams about the ex-boyfriend can comprise one more highlight … he reminds

of Whom to you?

Often heroes of your dreams represent real people with whom you are connected by the close relations now. They seem very familiar and favourite, but at the same time you understand that you to them feel nothing.

If the dream with the ex-boyfriend does not cause in you any emotions, except bewilderment, it is worth thinking of that to whom the former partner “points“ to you?

To whom it is similar? With whom is associated? Usually the solution is covered in separate words or lines of behavior of the hero. Perhaps, some phrase reminded you the close friend or the acquaintance?

Thus whether former acts as an image of that other person exerting direct impact on your life. Perhaps, he tries “to help“ you and to show what you do not see in usual life. Such dreams quite often slightly open a curtain of deep problems in the relations with people.

But also in this case the ex-boyfriend - only a projection your unconscious. Another matter - why it?