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Paid “free“ education or In how many one school student manages to the family budget?

Here one more academic year also came to an end. Ahead long-awaited summer, sun, sea … However in a rest anticipation I decided to consider in how many today one school student manages to the family budget.

As they say, still nobody cancelled free education, however for the last two educational months we handed over such abyss of money in school that it was necessary to comment on it.

At once I“ will dot one`s “i`s“ and cross one`s “t`s“. My daughter - the schoolgirl of the second class of good lyceum. At us children of heads of administrations, deputies of City Council and other segments of the population exclusively exclusive today therefore I call our lyceum just good do not study. We live in the working area of the regional center (such details I report in order that it was clear that our option can be considered as average across Russia).

So, I begin to consider.

Annual payments (“donations of parents“ - as I every time admire this formulation!) in fund of school made 6000 rubles. However at the end of the academic year the director “pleased“ us with a request to hand over one thousand, referring to shortage of money (on what, did not specify). Promised that for the next academic year we will pay less. As they say, time will tell.

Within academic year handed over 2000 rubles in fund of a class. What this money was spent for? These are gifts to the teacher by various holidays, gifts studying as birthday and on February 23 / on March 8. I have nothing against this item of expenditure.

Well what school does without annual requisitions on repair of an office today? On this noble cause all parents handed over 1100 rubles. At the same time I will note that the most part of works on repair was performed by them. Sometimes separately still collect also on repair of school. Fortunately, this year this fate passed us.

The following item of expenditure - hot meals of school students. On average in a month on it 800 rubles, in a year - 7200 rubles leave. About quality of school hot meals I am silent though this subject can devote separate article, too much a negative it causes.

It is necessary to remember a New Year`s holiday and a gift which cost to a parental purse 500 and 700 rubles respectively.

Traditionally at our school of class in physical culture in 4 - y quarters pass in the pool of a nearby sports complex. Eight obligatory occupations cost 960 rubles.

Much, I think, expenses both on textbooks, and on workbooks without which any pupil does not do yet are familiar. For these needs 3000 rubles were handed over.

In our lyceum there is a school uniform, uniform for a class, which is sewed to order. The obligatory set from a skirt and a vest cost 2000 rubles.

Still obligatory participation in various paid competitions / Olympic Games practices in our school: “Step to the future“, “Knowledge and creativity“, “The Russian bear cub“, “Golden Fleece“, “A local history marathon“, “Kangaroo“, etc. In - the first, there is a question for whom tasks in these competitions are formed? In - the second to whom it is necessary? These two questions can also become a separate subject for the following article. At the moment I am interested only in a financial component. 1200 rubles were paid for participation in these competitions / Olympic Games.

Various excursions - 2000 rubles a year. Of course, this good cause.

Final of the 2nd class - 600 rubles. Nonsense is unimaginable! Every year final is, in my opinion, search. However traditions in our educational institution are that.

Reception of oxygen cocktail at school (two times a year) got 800 more rubles from a parental purse. What only you will not go for the sake of health of the child to!

Additional classes at school on English without which practically any pupil of our class does not do, - 1200 rubles a month, in a year - 10800 rubles.

I did not include many other expenses: stationery, other clothes, footwear, transportation to school, section and a lot of things is many other things. I counted only obligatory expenses of parents passing directly through school.

We will sum up the result:

6000+1000+1100+7200+500+700+960+3000+2000+1200+2000+600+800+10800=37860 rubles a year that makes 4207 rubles a month (I consider only 9 educational months).

Here it at us the “free“ education guaranteed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation.