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How to avoid otitis when bathing in the sea?

the Sea are not only tender “lambs“ that run on a surface of the water. Not only curly lambs that are grazed at houses of locals not far. It not only stubborn “lambs“ are dealers in chebureks and sticks with condensed milk that carry food under the scorching sun.

the Sea is also huge primitive and, I would tell, a live organism which is capable to kill of time. Or to cause other trouble. To impair a little health. For example, the water in the sea is warmer, the it is more than pathogenic microbes and fungi there, and the bad microorganisms develop stronger. All this willingly hangs round to us mucous, in, ears, a nose and so on.

At the sea the vacationer, as a rule, almost does not get out the first days of stay from water. Or sleeps drunk in number. But if bathing over binge prevails, then by the evening, and even earlier, the tourist finds out that he became hard of hearing. It happens very often! There is a feeling of a foreign matter or in one ear, or at once in two, body temperature rises, there can be “lumbago“. Not in a waist because at water procedures the condition of a backbone and the copular device of a back, on the contrary, improves, and “shoots“ in an ear, nearly in a brain. The bather falls from pain as knocked down by a bullet. Otitis of the bather declared itself at the top of the voice!

Holiday gets derailed, heat in a body and on the street does not allow to sleep, pains can be such that though climb on a wall. How to avoid it? To protect ears from the first day of bathing!

I collected several recommendations which received from the manager of otolaryngologic office of hospital of one of the southern Russian cities, and I hurry to carry them to an eye and an ear (still healthy) reader. Ahead - a season of holidays so “we will prick up“ ears.

In - the first, the easiest way to protect the ears and ears of the child from “gulf“ is to avoid contact of water and ears ! “Not to bathe?“ - you ask. No, to go to the South and not to bathe - it is all the same that to a bear to get into a beehive and not to devour honey. Bathe and dive on health and into pleasure! With squeals and splashes!

But before an entrance to water we take a wadded ball (in drugstores of the country are on sale both cotton wool, and ready wadded balls) and simple vaseline. Skatyvay vatu and there is a little vaseline (about a pea) together, creating a sticky ball which we stick in an ear to ourselves, the wife, kids. Were bought. What is important: water did not do harm because the vaseline wadded ball does not let in ear pass at all. Well, almost at all. This ball plays a stopper role in a bottle. But as soon as the vacationer crept out on the coast, on dry, from ears right there we take out our “cap“ and we throw out in a bag for garbage. Do not throw these balls as snowballs in the winter! Before the following calling the sea we roll new party of balls and vaseline in hands.

In - the second, sulfur is not for nothing given to the person. It does matches of it, and in an ear it brings benefit too. Sulfur to sulfur discord. That that in an ear, is a protective barrier: in the sulfuric environment pathogenic microbes will not breed. Cunning the Nature thought up! Sulfur in an ear - a natural barrier against an inflammation. Therefore before a trip on the South do not delete sulfur from ears .

In - the third, the bather absolutely of should not clean an ear a little finger as if he is a plumber and eliminates a blockage in water pipes. Usually as happens: the vacationer as a dolphin, to the abyss of the seas zanyrnut, water got into ears, came up and let`s climb right there a little finger in an ear, to be cleaned. So do not do! At any person on the end of a little finger the nail is found, he also creates microcracks in gentle skin of auricles, and through them the infection with a bigger simplicity and force gets into an ear.

Replace a sharp nail with an air stream. Clamp both nostrils fingers and with a force, with the closed mouth, blow ears. Note: you should not blow so ears from the water which got into them in case there is cold because then throwing of the inflamed substance (and cold is a result of inflammatory process) in an ear pipe with the subsequent inflammation of an inner ear is possible. Otitis will only amplify.

Some quick citizens try even to shake out sea water from an ear and rotate the head at the same time so that it seems, still slightly - slightly and “kettle“ will fly away at all as a soccerball. Young and young can try so, and here at people in years easily from similar sharpness can pereklinit a neck, and then - trouble. Unfortunate will look in one party - and not to turn back, to look in distant distances.

The medical method is better used. If water filled in ears and is not shaken out in any way, does not flow down, is not squeezed out, then it is possible and it is necessary to make the following. Take a paper clip, straighten, reel up on it densely cotton wool, stamping and rumpling cotton wool in a dense lump on length. Your task - that turned out long such stick of centimeters in 5 - 7, wound by the stamped cotton wool. Further we remove cotton wool from the iron basis and we receive as a result a thin long wadded tubule.

It also we climb in an ear. We do not push a paper clip with the reeled-up cotton wool there at all. So not for long and an eardrum to pierce, and there already pain terrible, with ear bleeding etc. Therefore a dense, but flexible, thin wadded tubule which we made by means of a paper clip we climb in ear pass. Accurately, but it is desirable more deeply. Cotton wool will play a role of a sponge and will absorb in itself bad water that flooded an ear. Sit it is sensitive with the sticking-out wadded tubules from ears as the alien, and it is possible to repeat procedure in half an hour if more bathing is not supposed.

You remember: beaches of our country and the abroad will become covered by seminude bodies and garbage soon. Vacationers, I hope, will try to avoid such dangerous illness as otitis of the bather about which we also talked, and the garbage will be cleaned. Dive on health, but intelligently. The summer is a small life!