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Man. What it should not be?

In life of each adult woman of men were as books: it is exactly so much to how many pulled it and what it mastered. Some “books“ and remain our secret desires, unread volumes with fine works. Others - the publications read to holes, with underlined red lines lines and with exclamation marks on fields.

Still - small brochures which the woman or read not up to the end, having lost interest; or mastered, but it was not inspired; or did not read absolutely. There is on the shelf of their experience also the most favourite book - the Big Soviet Encyclopedia. It is her beloved.

And to aggregate all these books to answer correctly a question of the worst male quality, or “not - quality“, will not leave. But, that to define it, it is possible to go by process of elimination and to leave obligatory to truth.

So, “not - quality“ number 1.

Incorrectness. The quality leading in a top of claims to men. On which presence at himself any man likes to argue. And to bring dispute to the “sung“ truth: “All men fool around, and I not such, I not such, not such …“ Well, you understood. As to perceive it: to be reconciled or beat a muzzle, to leave or remain is a business by everyone. The reasons of changes happen different: from usual frivolity to extraordinary you know what therefore do not comb all men all alike.

“Not - quality“ number 2.

can refer banal alcoholism, disrespect for women and blooming of hands Here. It is possible also parasitism, “muzhevalyaniye“ at the TV: some free artist who is looking for the admirer, or the clever inventor, nothing invented. At the same time it, sitting on a female neck, the first runs to a package of products, and cannot even wipe a snivel to the child though the whole day stayed at home and did nothing. There are, by the way, surprising combinations - the jobless drunk who is letting loose hands.

“Not - quality“ number 3.

Awkwardness. When the man cannot make something without something not to break it. Not to drop. Not to lose. Not to tear. Sometimes all at once: at first to drop, then to tear, then to lose. When the man does not remember either dates, or names and on hundred times asks where his socks and what is the date today. Discomposes at all, but - not a mortal sin, not mortal …

“Not - quality“ number 4.

Narcissism. Disgustingly, in principle, as well as all above-mentioned. This napomazhivaniye of all parts of a body, back and forward, a nasolyarivaniye, a nadushivaniye - to such an extent that there is a wish to suffocate. When the man begins to flaunt at a mirror every day for thirty hours - it is similar to a hamadryad aping before visitors in a zoo. And at the end still it is necessary “to expose the back“ to especially pleasant. But metrosexuals are loved sometimes, especially, in comparison with the started unshaven - the dirty and unpleasantly smelling representatives of this look.

“Not - quality“ number 5.

Botanizm, plyushevost. As well as all sweet in a large number, the botanizm causes disgust or an allergy. When in the person fire but only only a splinter, any woman will not depart on this bulb does not burn, knowing that it not only will not inflame, but even in process can go out.

Of course, it is not the complete list of bad male qualities. But the impressing, raising additional questions. Such as: why everything so occurs who is guilty and whether there is a sense then to build the relations if at women so many requirements and a set of claims collected?

Certainly is, the most important, worst male quality by which the man can be allocated - when he begins to put himself above the woman. In every sense above - it is stronger, cleverer, quicker, more more beautiful, more loudly … To be better only because just is a man.

If he considers that the most important achievement in his life already happened at the birth: it was born, the man, the tsar - mountains and the best gift on light, but not the weak naive woman to speak with such copy any more there is nothing. And you should not devote it the “senseless“ life too.