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How to make this summer unforgettable?

Remained practically nothing before summer. It is a time it is loved by all - both adults, and children. In - the first, of course, for a long-awaited opportunity to relax and have a rest properly - at kids the most long vacation in a year begins, and at adults it is time holidays.

A in - the second - for violence of bright paints and saturated pleasant aromas literally everywhere. It is very difficult to resist and not to give in to this general fun and a holiday literally soaring in air. It is a lot of and other reasons which lead to one unconditional conclusion - simply should be loved summer.

Let`s discuss (or we will remember) several moments which will help to make the coming summer even more picturesque, pleasant and memorable!

With what it is worth beginning? Of course, from! Summer - a remarkable time to update the clothes, to change image, to replace a hairdress, etc. Experiment!

The same updates are demanded also by your housing, and also any other situation in which you spend much time (for example, even your workplace if you have not a rest, and you continue to slave away).

In - the first, throw out all unnecessary, all stuff which usually takes a lot of place but to sort which everything somehow hands do not reach. Now it is a high time. In - the second, any dark, gloomy flowers in an interior! Let dominate light pastel tone, and details of bright, saturated tones add playfulness to an interior, without allowing it to be too boring. Also do not forget to add truly summer attributes - let at your dining table there is always a vase with bright and tasty seasonal fruit, and the working or coffee table is decorated by fresh fine flowers!

By the way, about influence of color. All experts on a tsvetoterapiya well know about huge value of every color separately and several flowers in total. Even if you not too understand it, for certain you noticed how bright colors lighten mood. In spite of the fact that in their summer and there is so a lot of, will not prevent to add a little more - good, as we know, does not happen much! And it is not obligatory to put on in bright from legs to the head or to recolour walls in ultrabright color. It is rather simple “to dilute“ the usual clothes, a make-up and an interior with these color impregnations. Buy everything that to you will like, - if only it was pleasant. And it is unimportant whether there will be it a handbag, barefoot persons, nail varnish, and can - pillows for a sofa or something else. The main thing - they will create the necessary spirit and will give a highlight.

Let`s think of such important component of our life as food also. Summer - an ideal time to stock up with vitamins and other useful substances for the year ahead. For the oseena - the winter period we fairly podrastratit them, and now it is just a high time to reserve them for the future. Of course, you should not force to eat unloved products, but the benefit in the summer such variety of fruit, fruits, vegetables and greens that everyone can find that to it to liking.

We thought of advantage. It is good. However you should not forget that food has to be not only useful, but also and tasty. For fans to prepare to eat the remarkable idea - to find recipes of new dishes and drinks and to learn them best of all to prepare! And that this occupation had really summer mood, give preference to easy dishes, fresh vegetables and greens salads, and also - the most actual - to soft drinks and desserts.

Be sure: all your members of household and friends (and not just children) will be enraptured with the new cocktail made personally by you, a water-ice or still some interesting exotic soft drink. What to tell about desserts or ice cream! All will be delighted! Without telling it about that, the ice cream which was how made in house conditions any more (or something another) differs from purchased - both to taste, and on structure, and, respectively, on usefulness.

So, and dealt with it. It is a high time to think of entertainments and rest.

Summer - a time of picnics, rest at the dacha, trips at the sea, etc. In the summer weather most often (unlike other seasons) allows and even attracts to spend more time in the fresh air, outdoors. And this chance cannot be neglected!

Leave on the nature more often, you go to park and even you go on foot simply more - you breathe fresh air and enjoy the sun and violent blossoming of all live around. A trip to the resort, abroad - it, of course, is remarkable - the mass of new emotions and impressions. But if you have no opportunity to visit the far-away exotic countries, then it is yet not an occasion to be upset.

Show the imagination - go to travel to the nearby cities and villages, especially if you there were not yet. It is not necessary to think that only foreign villages are beautiful, and ours not really. Ours - too, especially in the summer when everything is buried in verdure and blossoms. It is possible to make it with friends or most, by car or by train, generally - as it will be wished. New impressions and interesting adventures are provided to you!

Also the summer cannot be presented without various entertainments and dances to exhaustion. And still - without romantic, love affairs and stories. And it is unimportant with whom you them live and you write - with the partner with whom you many years or with whom you got acquainted only recently.

Well and finally. The summer is always small, but unique history. As it is sung in the song: “The summer is a small life“. Therefore do not forget to take with yourself the camera or the camera to imprint the unforgettable moments. And then you will be able to enjoy memoirs for a long time, reconsidering the adventures.

And it is even better - unpack the most successful shots and you hold them closer near yourself, and then the good mood is provided to you. Happy to you summer!