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What in a seed to you we wash? To a question of the postponed motherhood of

Recently in court of Jerusalem the interesting case was considered: the resident submitted a claim against the ex-wife, having accused her of theft of its sperm. The matter is that, already being divorced, the woman made extracorporal fertilization (EKO) of the ovum the preserved seed of the ex-husband, became pregnant and gave birth to the daughter.

Turns out, the claimant without his permission and a consent was made the donor. As the court first of all protects interests of the child, it issued the decree: the claimant is obliged to pay the alimony for keeping of the girl, and the defendant has to pay to the claimant compensation in 25 thousand dollars. Discussing this legal precedent, jurists expressed confidence that in connection with fast development of reproductive medicine, the number of similar cases will grow.

Reproductive medicine - rather new branch uniting treatment of infertility, surrogacy and artificial insemination. The EKO method - fertilization in a test tube - was developed in 70 - x years by professor of the Cambridge university Robert Edwards (1925-2013), and in 2010 to it the Nobel Prize in the field of physiology and medicine was awarded.

Edwards together with the gynecologist P. Steptou invented and introduced a fertilization method out of a body of mother and the subsequent entering of an embryo into the woman`s uterus. This revolutionary technique gives life to the person who differently just could not be born. And how many the people doomed to childlessness could learn parental happiness thanks to Robert Edwards! The first child from “test tube“ appeared in 1978, Luise Braun 35 years now. And after it even more than 4 million children worldwide in the same way saw the light.

Not only people who on these or those specific problems cannot have the child address methods of reproductive medicine. Even more often come for the help of the woman of middle age which at last decided to have the child, but... Doctors are anxious that the age of the first pregnancy promptly increases that the face of young mother becomes more senior. And the mothers become more senior, the more skilfulness is required from medicine.

The statistics says that till 25 years of complexity with pregnancy arise at 6% of women, in 30 - 34 years - already at 15%, and in 40 - 44 years 64% cannot become pregnant. Internal clocks tick more and more loudly and are more disturbing. Each additional year increases risk of development of infertility.

The problem of the postponed motherhood was shown quite recently. Still in 80 - x young mothers are more senior than 30 years made about 30%, them already more than 50% today, i.e. every second young mother is not so young. This phenomenon is observed in all developed countries. The woman wants to get at first an education, to promote, become independent in the material plan and only then to bring children. All this is clear, logical and explainable. Only the matter is that the nature, creating the great work - the woman, did not take her personal, production and career plans into account.

Yes, it is valid, there is an opinion that the children born by women after 40 years develop more actively, are ill less, is quieter, than the children born by mothers of younger age.

Yes, it is valid, the women who gave rise at mature age more seriously and responsibly treat the maternal duties. They - that will not forget the child in the winter on a balcony, having played in computer “shooter games“.

The reproductive medicine develops very successfully: nearly 80% of procedures of artificial insemination come to an end with the child`s birth.

And all - all experts agree in opinion that you should not play the Russian roulette in a reproduction question. That, God forbid, the zero sector did not drop out.

You heard sometime these clumsy, clumsy words: “starorodyashchy“ and “an age pervorodka“? So call pregnant women 30 years of the midwife and gynecologists are more senior. Whether well tell, please, doctors can, calling so the patients, to have for them respect, sympathy, compassion? Really in a subsoil of great and mighty Russian there were no more harmonious words for the women carrying under heart such long-awaited, elicited at god, implored firstborns!