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Novinsky wooden toy: what does it so original?

Are in the Nizhny Novgorod Region the village of the Novelty. The name draws attention at once. There is an association with something new and unusual what before it was not necessary to hear about. To the village really is what to surprise guests. But not without reason say that new is well forgotten old. Now there unique trade on creation of wooden toys actively revives. Once they were famous in those regions, then are almost forgotten.

of the Revolving object, tarantasses, smiths …

began to be created by

of the Toy on the Nizhny Novgorod earth long ago. Peasants made them in the long winter evenings. Men vystrugivat details, women painted. On spring of a product were often carried on a fair. Among the most ancient toys - wheelchairs on castors. They can be moved, holding for a stick. Samples of similar products belong to the XV-XVII centuries.

The wheelchair with the connected heads of two horses is very peculiar - it is a Slavic solar symbol. There is an assumption that similar toys existed in Egypt. In such products lines of an extreme antiquity are guessed. Other kind of toys - wheelchairs - revolving objects. When moving separate figures in them begin to rotate. Independently there is a toy on levels - “Smiths“: two little men knock hammers on an anvil.

Later samples are teams. They can be single, pair and threefold. Found reflection of supervision of masters over surrounding reality in these figures. They saw similar in life and tried to imprint in the form of wooden toys. It is very realistic the tarantass looked. Silhouettes of horses are very expressive, with gracefully curved necks.

the Rebirth

In the 20th century destiny of trade developed difficult. In 1928 the Novinsky promartel “Truth“ was organized. It existed till 1947 and was liquidated. Began to forget about toys gradually. Only some of elderly handymen continued to create wooden figures. One of the oldest masters was Efim Semyonovich Ignatyev who to 70 - x is ready did toys.

It is remarkable that in 1960 ethnographic expedition was carried out. Researchers talked to the old master Vladimir Ivanovich Oparin. However there passed five more decades before there came the rebirth of a novinsky toy. Huge work was done by Alexander Anatolyevich Baukin. Search of materials about unique trade was conducted. The shape of products was recreated according to the remained photos.

2008 became time of revival of a toy. Now it treats national art crafts of the Nizhny Novgorod Region. Since 2010 the Novinsky center of crafts works. Exactly there are engaged in creation of a traditional wooden toy. Besides, museum of country life “Russian log hut“ is open. In it, besides other exhibits, samples of products of remarkable trade are presented.

Complexity and laconicism

Novinsky toys at first sight seem simple. Laconicism of forms - one of their distinctive features. Each toy is the finished composition where everything proportionally and is not present anything superfluous. However process of production is very difficult. Wood of a pine, fir-tree, an aspen, a birch is used. Separate details are turned on the machine, then processed manually by means of a knife. Toys become without nails. Assembly of a tarantass is carried out with glue use.

Unique feature of a novinsky toy - not falling down wheels. They become not only without nails, but even without glue. The axis is turned in advance and carefully dried up. The wheel is made of fresh wood. It is got on an axis, still damp. In the course of drying the wheel decreases in the diameter. As a result it strongly keeps on an axis as though grows to it.

Circles and lines

the List is rather laconic

. Threefold concentric circles symbolize connection between generations. Almost always there are also parallel lines. The toy “Smiths“ is decorated with the florets consisting of points. The list is made by acrylic paints. From flowers are often used white and black, and the third undertakes randomly. Sometimes manes of horses become gold - in days of old such toys were the most expensive.

Wheels turn - they are similar to circulation of life. The toy revives on pleasure to children and adults. Wise products in the simplicity are created by hands of skillful masters. Acquaintance to unique trade is a one more possibility of familiarizing with roots of native culture. It is very important when it occurs in the childhood. The national toy can remarkably help here.