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Who is he is Howard Hughes? The American dream, the person - a legend of

People - that stars on the Milky Way. One asterisks light up, but their light is dim and hardly visible in a heavenly distance. Others - flash, bright fire - is also not present a star.

It caused different feelings: admiration, envy and bewilderment. The person - a legend. First-ever billionaire, courageous and brave pilot. And the strange egocentric, with painful whims of the psychopath. The person - a riddle at life and after death. Write books about it. About it shoot movies. Who is he, Howard Hughes?

Beginning of the uneasy twentieth century. The boy was born just on the eve of Christmas, in a family of the successful businessman. Called as well as the father - Howard. The family was provided, the head of family could hammer together the capital from scratch on the mines, but did not like remember it. Probably, not everything was pure those far years of his youth.

It was impossible to present more different people, than Hughes is the senior and his wife Ellin. Ice and the fire - it about them is told. Passion, mutinousness of spirit and refinement, stiffness - strange symbiosis. The woman was mad about purity, the child as if in medical chamber, played only sterile toys with the allowed children. Mother was afraid of everything on light - from drafts to cats.

It is possible to present what genes got to the boy. Enterprise was defined early, already in the childhood the boy allowed to play the toys only for money. But felt fears of any illness and shyness in communication with people. These fears and phobias remained for the rest of life, especially Ellin who was afraid even of simple draft, died after easy operation when the young man was 17 years old.

In 2 years after Hughes`s death - the senior Howard became the successor of a big state. Only his commitment won against fear of loneliness and future difficulties. The unwillingness to have the trustee was the first victory. And he achieved recognition of majority though to it twenty one years were not executed yet.

Who knows what would be with the young man further where the vital path would curtail if the father did not acquaint him with aviasport. This hobby became not only business, but also destiny. Two passions conducted it on life - the sky and cinema.

The young man decided to shoot the movie about pilots of World War I for what he had to leave a native home and to go to Los - Andzheles. Money was not a problem and, having become the producer of the movie, Howard bought 87 planes. The sum was huge - more than one and a half million dollars. But it were trifles in comparison with the received record collecting after the full notice of the movie.

The movie was shot 3 years and cost life to three pilots, and also long treatment of the young producer who broke on shootings. The movie “Hell`s Angels“ was called and came to the big screen in the thirties of last century.

After this movie also others followed, such as the comedy tape “Front page“, the gangster movie under the name “The Person with a Scar“ which was long not passed by censorship from - for abundances of sex and violence. But each released picture became the next sensation.

Howard Hughes got passion from the father, and the rebellious spirit did not allow to be satisfied with what has already been achieved. The second passion called to fulfillments. And it founded the aircraft-building company. In the firm was everything - the creator, the design engineer, the businessman and the tester.

The founder of firm and the businessman established records of range of flights and height itself on the models created by him too. In 3 days 19 hours and 8 minutes it flew about northern part of Earth. It was the record.

Its aircraft manufacturing firm worked for the state in military years. It is willingly believed that character would not allow Howard to stand aside: he would go itself to be at war by the planes, but on tests broke and many weeks was in hospital then he left the addict.

High doses of morphine and codeine which doctors gave it that without pain to leave on a next world rendered other effect. He survived, but to the death was dependent on codeine. Long time drug proved nothing. Hughes continued to test planes. Adrenaline - not only pleasure for some, but also drug.

Business extended, for the military period the company developed and released new planes, the appeared fabulous profits allowed it to become the billionaire. He set up the charity foundation in the middle of the century which works and presently.

And not only. Having transferred the company to fund, it thereby could leave from taxes, having set an example to other businessmen. But it is interesting: the government, having seen that in this way it is possible to lose the most part of tax collecting, stopped similar practice. In such situation only this successful businessman managed to bypass a ban. He was an expert not only in the sky, but also in business.

It is already proved that drug addiction - an illness. It is terrible and to the poor from Harlem, and to billionaires who are able to buy a lot of things, but not rescue from a dreadful disease. Influence of drug on mentality was not in vain.

Lately the life Howard Hughes even more often saw off alone. His fears and phobias entangled a sore brain. Being afraid of viruses and microbes, it gave strange orders to servants: to undertake the door handle only napkins, in six - eight layers wrapping up the handle; not to touch cranes by palms, to wash carefully hands is its not full requirements.

But it is strange, similar maniacal hygiene belonged only to a service staff. What concerned Hughes, he could not have a shave and not change for months linen. Drug completely took control of his consciousness, doses of codeine increased. From the active businessman, the pilot and the athlete he turned into a wreck.

In its 1976 on became. Circumstances of death remained not found out. On the empire of the billionaire there were more than 400 applicants, but as a result of long lawsuits the inheritance was divided by 22 persons. Whether it was happy, already nobody will tell it. But achieved the objective - Howard Hughes visited a glory Olympus.