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And whether it is necessary to grow thin? I Have

the neighbor in a landing. We with it often conduct conversations on the most different subjects. Gena, the man of years of forty, average height, but the increased fatness, to put it mildly call him. He has not complex concerning the appearance, very cheerful and with good sense of humour.

Somehow he told me the vital concept why he does not seek to grow thin. I did not want to kill it, and I up to the end listened to its confession on this subject. Gennady told the following.

... The teenager I was lean and inconsistent, like a rooster who was plucked and prepared for cutting. I was teased by peers and called the annoying nicknames. I remember that I constantly was hungry and how many I would not eat, the food failed as if in a bottomless abyss. Having matured, went to work, began to earn money and was able to afford to eat that I wanted, and it is so much that was “from a paunch“. My bones began to become covered by meat soon, I very much was delighted that I turn from a makaronina into the normal person.

Somehow I got acquainted with the girl, she was the beautiful, cheerful, big laugher and knew how to cook very well. How to be a hostess and to cook well, she was trained by mother since childhood. Yes, she was from Ukraine and as there prepare - all know! Got married. Galya very much liked to prepare for me something tasty and unusual.

Usually in the mornings I love fried eggs from 3 - 4 eggs and that it was fried on cracklings. Galina prepares for me such appetizing that from one smell slobbers flow. For lunch I prefer borsch or Russian cabbage soup that the spoon in them stood. Especially I adore borsch with dumplings, pork ribs, vegetables and a chesnochok. The Vkusnotishcha, it is possible to eat a plateful moreover additives to ask!

What lunch without worthy the second. Very much I like deruna, potato lezhn, a vereshchaka, cherries dumplings, and sometimes there is a wish just fried on kartoshechka fat. My wife - the big skilled worker to please me with a remarkable lunch. From - for a table I rise with pleasant weight in a stomach. When there is time, well after a nourishing lunch in a koyechka for about hundred minutes.

Well, and in the evening, a good nourishing dinner - business sacred. I like to eat before a dinner a fat piece with a small loaf and a chesnochok. Well grechanik, cutlets on - Kiev, stuffed cabbage with buckwheat, mushrooms and meat sauce will be suitable for a dinner. Here now I tell, and at most in the pit of the stomach sucks, so and ate something. Yes, nearly forgot, on holidays washing Galyukh cool zavivanets from the pork head prepares. It can be eaten how many will get.

Well, I distracted. After a marriage I quickly had a solid tummy. I did not feel myself as a bare long-legged rooster any more. However, transformations in a couple of years began to happen to my body: shoulders were distributed in breadth, the neck left inside, on sides noticeable fatty folds appeared. When looked at himself in a mirror, my person reminded Niagara Falls which are smoothly flowing down two chins on a breast. There was also one more inconvenience: I should change all clothes every year. But I found suitable shop where I can put on. It - “Three fat men“. So and the problem was resolved with clothes.

Many say to me that it is necessary to go on a diet and to grow thin. But I am not going to do it. Life at us such short. We see a lot of Lima in it good? One of small pleasures - it is tasty and nourishing to eat. Why I have to lose this pleasure? I do not want to choke with carrot cutlets and to drink water instead of favourite compote. The same mockery at itself and own organism …

On it the monologue of my neighbor ran low. I did not begin to be engaged in useless propaganda and to tell it about the healthy lifestyle including healthy food, physical activities and other. In a case with Gennady - it is useless.

However heard set me thinking why people eat much. With Gennady everything is clear: “the complex of disgusting and eternally hungry lean duckling“ remained in it on for the rest of the life.

If to look at a problem more widely, then it is probably possible to find several reasons why people eat much. One of them - the use of the products tempting appetite. These are hot and sweet dishes, and also the special food additives increasing taste, various fragrant seasonings. A good example of they are croutons, chips, nutlets. They included additives which increase appetite.

One of the possible reasons of the increased appetite is a depression. At such moments the refrigerator becomes “the best friend“ of the person. Some in such state try to eat more chocolate. Consumption of a large number of this product works as drug, encourages nervous system and promotes derivation from sad thoughts.

To a hedgehog it is clear that for successful functioning of a human body it is necessary to throw “in a fire chamber fuel“, i.e. to fill the power expenditure due to receipt of food. If it it is not made in time, then we hunger. When at us in a stomach it is empty, the organism begins to develop actively hunger hormone grelin . It sends in gipotalamus a signal that meal time has come, and we begin to hunger.

If we listened to this signal and have a bite, then food, having got into a stomach, causes in us feeling of saturation. Why it occurs? In fatty tissues secretion of hormone of a leptin which high concentration “reports“ that the organism was sated begins. What is curious, hormone grelin is capable to cause feeling of hunger even then when the person densely ate. Whether not here the riddle why some people are constantly hungry is buried? At the subconscious level they derived pleasure when, having satisfied hunger, they had pleasant feeling of saturation. It so “sinks down in soul“ that there is a wish to have this feeling more and more time. And for this purpose it is necessary to eat also through short time to repeat procedure. And so indefinitely.

If we learn to listen to the organism and we will find balance between feeling of hunger and saturation, then we will be able actively to control how many food we consume. It will allow to support our organism in good physical shape and without overeating. Then we and should not grow thin!