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Why cats are necessary?

of the Cat accompany the person since caves and mammoths. They always nearby even if walk somewhere in itself. The attitude of the person towards cats constantly changed. Cats were loved and hated, idolized and killed, considered as the benefit and foes. And cats still near us.

Since ancient times people worshipped cats. The Ancient Egyptian cult of the goddess Bast - goddesses - cats is most known. If to trust ancient Egyptians, then a cat - very important animal, the father Bast - the Sun, mother - the Moon, the sister is the goddess of heaven, and the brother expels evil spirits. There is such lovely family. Bast is the goddess of pleasure, fun, female beauty, fertility, fire, a child-bearing. If in the house the cat died, then all family plunged into mourning, it was accepted even to shave off eyebrows as a sign of grief. And for casual murder of a cat it was necessary pobity stones to death (for deliberate murder terribly even to think of punishment). In honor of the goddess - cats regularly settled magnificent holidays that is not surprising, she patronized a home and fertility.

The Christianity played on cats a dirty trick - in fight against idolatry, demons, ancient polytheism, cats were recognized by carriers of evil spirits. Especially got to black: they were considered by all means by familyaram of witches and sorcerers, nearly direct natives of the lower layers of hell bearing to the owners forbidden knowledge and abilities. If Bast`s admirers considered that eyes of cats glow in the dark because bear in themselves a sunlight particle (the father Bast - the Sun), then medieval Christians saw a hellfire in bright cat`s eyes.

But at the same time people did not hurry to expel cats from the life finally at all. They continued to be loved, to keep in houses, to care and cherish. Especially as cats daily proved the advantage: they successfully struggled with rodents.

And cats had dark times. Including black cats, despite the suspicious attitude towards them remaining to this day. The livestock cat`s steadily grows - together with growth of the human population of the globe. Where there lives a person, by all means there live also cats, and the more people - the it is more of those who hold cats.

Ufologists claim that the real mission of cats - supervision over mankind and not just supervision, and transfer of the systematized data in others (apparently, more civilized) the worlds.

Still there is an opinion that cats are aliens who slowly, without noise and dust, occupy Earth, turning people into the servants and slaves. Looking at some cats and their owners, there is a wish to agree with this opinion. Especially as in most cases if the cat is not a full hostess in the house then - the partner equal to the person, and only in exclusive options is in the subordinated situation.

Cats - heroes of numerous beliefs and signs. About a black cat all know: if stole a march, and wait for troubles. Witches and sorcerers use black cats with might and main: on a belief from a black cat it is possible receive an invisibility stone, however, the cat has to be absolutely black, without a uniform white hair (yet, as far as we know, such cats came across to nobody). Also black cats - participants of various magical rituals (quite often - as the victim).

But black cats bring not only problems: England still considers that black cats and cats attract sexual partners (cats - women, cats - men).

And Chinese are ready to accept to the house a cat of any coloring as in China it is considered that the cat beaten to the house brings wealth. For this reason rich people of China kept in the house several cats at all times - for a guarantee that money will not be transferred.

In other countries there is an opinion that money is brought not by any, but exclusively red cats and cats, and here white is a sign of fast addition of family. Cats and cats of a tortoise color - fortunately, smoky bear peace of mind, and striped - family wellbeing.

French will never awake the sleeping cat - not to receive love failures as a bonus. Besides, in France consider that the convinced bachelors should not get drunk behind a little table under which the cat sits - similar action straight leads to fast marriage.

Japanese by all means will wish good health if the cat sneezed. In Japan it is considered that thus it is possible to get rid of visits to the dentist - for a kind wish the cat will relieve of problems with teeth.

Of England are sure that if to put the purring cat to the sore head, then it is the guaranteed means for full treatment of an illness. Thus cats are used not only in England - worldwide cats and cats safely relieve the owners of various illnesses. Especially as in the modern world the huge number of psychosomatic diseases, both a cosiness and rest which are brought by the purring cat are really capable to help to get rid of them.

People continue to live near cats, without paying attention to signs, both on bad, and to good. It is simple to iron just for the hell of it a warm soft carcass, to listen to the muffled rumbling, to look at jumps behind a ball It is not surprising that producers of cat`s forages, toys and various accessories make fortunes - a great number of owners of cats seek to please the fluffy favourites something tasty, a new toy. Cat`s shampoos, brushes, balls, pillows, lodges, kogtetochka Before it even Cleopatra who, by hearsay, literally gave short weight the favourite cat precious jewelry turns pale.

People need cats. Are simply necessary. At all not for the sake of fight against rodents or for treatment of migraine. And just in order that they could be loved, to admire them. And to everyone who holds on a lap the sleeping cat, deeply to spit - alien she origins or quite terrestrial, transfers information on people somewhere or just sleeps. If only only the cat allowed to iron herself if only with pleasure hummed when she is scratched behind an ear