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How cats treat?

About medical effect of cat`s rumbling, under the name “stroke a cat“ are known of therapy from hoary antiquity. Everyone had or to be treated by means of cats, or to hear about how cats cure a headache, alleviate suffering from pulpitny tooth, help to be restored after heart attacks and strokes and so on. it is a lot of

of Similar cases that even the most mistrustful sceptics are forced to recognize: yes, in a koshkoterapiya (or felinoterapiya - so call treatment by means of cats) really something is, and cats really help hurting.

The simplest explanation of efficiency of cat`s rumbling - creation of the atmosphere of rest and a cosiness, feeling of safety. In the modern world a set of various psychosomatic diseases. And in these conditions the cat literally extending around herself cozy heat really is medicine. It “works“ as a good demulcent, such analog of tincture of a valerian, a hawthorn or even novopassit, helps to relax, forget about problems. Namely it also allows to get rid of psychosomatic diseases which are caused by the increased nervousness.

But cases when the diseases cured by cats are not psychosomatic at all are known. Various joint pains, a toothache, colds, gastric gripes, attacks of stomach ulcer of a stomach, gastritis and many other things are all this subject to cats. It is possible the matter is that all - the psychosomatic component is present even at pain of joints, and the purring cat, eliminating this part of an illness, gives obvious relief to the suffering person. One more explanation: cats - excellent hot-water bottles. Temperature of a cat`s body is higher, than at the person, and the cat lying on a sore point (namely and the chetverolapy doctor seeks to settle down), simply warms up that promotes treatment.

Here only one nuance: if the cat just lies on a sore point, then efficiency of treatment is much lower than if the cat at the same time also purrs. Besides, than the cat purrs stronger, than louder her rumbling, especially is effective treatment.

What is interesting: when the cat purrs, she not just makes certain sounds of some loudness, it also vibrates all over. Especially it is noticeable if a cat small and short-haired. It is possible to assume that such combination of vibration and a sound at a cat is similar to influence of the vibroacoustic devices used in modern physical therapy.

Similar devices locally increase a capillary blood-groove, a lymph flow, reduce stagnation of a blue blood, improve microcirculation of fabrics, in a zone of influence of the device there is a strengthening of the osmotic movement of liquids. Due to such influence treatment of many diseases accelerates. By means of vibroacoustic devices accelerate healing of wounds, changes, them catarrhal diseases treat (including chronic diseases of the top airways), devices are used at the broken conductivity of nervous fibers (for example, when squeezing nervous fibers at intervertebral hernia), there are techniques for diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path and so on.

But cats “specialize“ in the same diseases, as vibroacoustic devices. It is possible just because their influence is similar. However, the cat is much more pleasant, than the most modern device: any device is not capable to create that cosiness and to bring such warm-heartedness which is brought by the purring cat. And even not humming! And simply - a cat. Besides, vibroacoustic devices do not warm up a sore point so cats can be far more effective.

One problem: the device hums when it is turned on in the socket and press the button. And here that the cat zaurchat … that she wanted to cure the person … The person has to try! To gain cat`s love, trust and devotion. And then no modern devices will be required - the cat will replace everything, and even many drugs.