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4 ways of generation of the starting capital for business of your dream

you seek to create business. As well as at me in your head tens (and you can was lucky also their hundreds) business of ideas turn. But, as once I, for their realization do not have enough starting capital.

There can be I now and will tear a template, but all - I will tell - the starting capital is absolutely optional in present period.

But anyway...
here to you 4 ways to generate the starting capital:
Freelance - the easiest way not only to earn the starting capital, but also to create for itself an income source. Recently this subject very attracts me, the truth not from the point of view of generation of the starting capital and how one more business (and you thought on freelance it is impossible to do business?;) For this reason I write and I publish in the blog articles about freelance (you come, I hope to you they will be interesting)
the Internet - &ndash shop; You will laugh, but now for its organization it is not necessary to put kopeks. In due time I was worn out with advance of the IT, I will sometime tell about it. But all - is equal, creation the Internet - shop simple and absolutely free way to begin business (and if you want to be engaged in something else - to hammer together the starting capital for the business)
the Next way is a certain mix of the first two - the Internet - shop of services. That is you do the Internet - shop, offer on it service, and freelancers will carry out it (not bad the truth?;)
Well and way &ndash, last in this article; mediation for percent. Here you should not put anything, except the legs, the head and skills of the negotiator too (which, by the way, perfectly develop at the same time, and in - the second will precisely be useful to you, in any your business.

Here, if korotenko and everything, to a meeting. A bit later, if there is a desire of public will paint in more detail, well and on we wash the blog daily new articles in this respect appear.