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How to prepare “the best in the world“ ice cream?

did not come Summer yet, and weather forecasters already frighten us by the future abnormal heat. Their forecasts will come true whether is not present - time will show, we will hope that the next three months will please us with soft heat and a genial sunshine.

One of the most desired summer desserts - ice cream. However, “our people“ and in a twenty-degree frost eat ice cream on the street. Now I, perhaps, will not decide on such feat, and in adolescence, is remembered, the commonplace was to skhrumkat on a frost of “eskimo“ or “a sugar tubule“.

In memories of that, “as it was earlier“, inevitably there is a food subject where ice cream goes special point with a mark “the best in the world“ - that is not surprising because the space available in those days just kept within borders of the USSR. But if other objects of nostalgia generate disputes, then concerning ice cream practically all who ate it in the childhood, agree: “of that time“ it was more tasty than “present“. However, and foreign guests paid a tribute to exclusive tastes of our ice cream.

Range of the prices was sounded by the friend of the main character of “Deniskiny stories“ Victor Dragunsky: “I with all the heart love ice cream. For seven, for nine. For thirteen, for fifteen, for nineteen. For twenty two and for twenty eight“.

In Leningrad the cafe - frozen was full - we called them ice-cream parlors. The “splash pool“ on the Nevsky which got such nickname from - for peculiar a decor, was, of course, the most known and popular place - “bourgeois“ coffee - iced coffee, champagne … And, above all, “specialty“ Nevsky ice cream - the most tasty ice cream powdered with grated chocolate in the misted metal vase … 55 kopeks in a portion costed, however, …

B 90 - e years to us the muddy stream of low-quality import in which many Soviet brands including the ice cream, best in the world, rolled rushed. What was on sale in the bright rustling packings instantly crept away in viscous swill and had obvious chemical smack.

Today in the Russian market of ice cream there are many tens of domestic and foreign producers among whom there are quite reputable firms with nearly century history. But! How they advertized the goods, as if did not stylize it under “that, real“, the consumer, having tasted a cold delicacy, with disappointment realizes - no, not that …

our Most impressionable fellow citizens in general refused ice cream, fairly believing that frighteningly long and almost unreadable structure specified on a label contains many all “vrednost“, including notorious palm-oil and unhealthy for an organism E, and behind bright taste and color the ominous face Big Chemistry shows.

But the summer, hot summer will prevail sooner or later, and in a hot haze that misted vase with three, and even with five balls of ice cream, slivochno - gentle, pleasantly melting in the mouth, giving a desired cool and a pacification primereshchitsya.

The problem is solved: if for you not to liking factory ice cream, then it is quite possible to make it also in house conditions. “That“ taste, most likely, will not manage to be reproduced, but you will be sure of quality of initial products - well, at least of their relative quality.

Recipes of home-made ice cream a set, but I suggest you to use not the most not troublesome and safe - without crude eggs, without repeated cooking, without tiresome beating and infinite hashing.

So... “Just frozen“

we Take

400 ml of cream - ideally 33-35% (for beating), and half-banks of condensed milk. We shake up cream until slightly thicken, differently it will be very fat. We connect whipped cream to condensed milk - gently, carefully, but carefully. We spread weight in the plastic container.

It is, so to speak, base - the wide ground for a flight of fancy. It is possible to leave, of course, and so - after 6 - 8 hours in the freezer ice cream charming, creamy - creamy as if will turn out. Only do not forget to mix during this time few times slightly freezing slightly delicacy - will be more vozdushno and naturally.

And it is possible to diversify taste and to give color various syrups - cranberry, strawberry, currant - yes any. It is possible to add small berries, shredded nuts, raisin, a chocolate crumb, mango mashed potatoes - experiment. Here only the kiwi cannot be added - in combination with dairy products this fruit gives quite notable bitterness. I do not recommend to add lemon juice - citrus aroma as though “freezes“, there is only a sourness reminding smetanny taste.

Cream can be taken smaller fat content, and even to replace them with milk, but then it is necessary to mix much more often, otherwise future ice cream will turn out “icy“. However, and on such “grade“ there are fans.

“Fruit ice“

to Freeze juice in a glass - here and fruit ice will turn out, you will tell and you will be right. It is really ice, just ice - but we want exactly the ice cream carrying it the name. Therefore in juice or the fruit puree diluted with sugar syrup, or we add the gelatin wetted in water to usual jam. Proportions are approximately such: 250 g of juice / sweet of mashed potatoes / liquid jam and 5 g of the gelatin wetted in five tablespoons of cold water.

On small fire we bring gelatin to full dissolution, without allowing boiling at all, then we connect to “basis“ - what you chose there? We filter (at will), we spill in portion molds (is such on sale) or just in plastic glasses, we insert like “spoon“ - and into the freezer. Beautifully the whole cherries, pieces of fruit, berries look in such ice cream. From plastic “container“ ice cream is taken easily, to take rather a little a glass in palms.

Remarkable fruit ice turns out if in the blender to shake up natural yogurt and fresh fruit - sugar and lemon juice are added to taste. We shift the received weight in glasses - and in the freezer to as much as long term. The refreshing dessert always near at hand.

My favourite recipe -

“Ice cream from one ingredient“

will suit

only banana Here - we cut it on pieces, we put in a package and we place in the freezer. Freezing degree - to “ring“ that is when pieces were chilled through. Then we place these small pieces of ice in the blender (grinder) and - vzhzhzhik! - we break in homogeneous mass. The cool delicacy containing a minimum of calories and giving a pleasure maximum in hot day turns out cream, with aroma of tropics.

Of course, home-made ice cream is a continuous improvisation, and Gostovsky taste Soviet and furthermore Leningrad ice cream - alas! - most likely not to receive. But it is quite possible that for your family these desserts will become darlings - “to the best in the world“ the ice cream made creatively and with the imagination.

And at nostalgia taste other, and nobody is guilty that it is impossible to recreate it.