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Whether there is a female friendship?

Many ask a question whether there is a female friendship?
Rudiments of female friendship are put still in the ancient time. The man the most part of day was absent houses therefore women had to cost without them. At this moment the female friendship helped out. Women united, helping to cope each other with life, to brighten up sad mood.
of the Woman liked to perform laborious work collectively thanks to what it was easier to work, and it is more interesting.
But if to depart from three maidens by our time. That can be noticed that the female friendship is put since the childhood. Girls with pleasure like to be among girls, playing dolls, stacking them, caring, as for the child. Of course, girls and with boys play, but with girls to them, nevertheless, it is more interesting.
One more important point, in female friendship is emotional making. It is known that men are avaricious on emotions therefore the girlfriend is irreplaceable here.
Despite these facts, a question about existence of female friendship costs an edge. Some women will surely tell that there is a female friendship which is not worse man`s. In confirmation they will adduce the examples or airtight arguments.
Others, having been burned on female friendship, will unambiguously tell: “Is not present!“ it does not have

On the one hand the girlfriend always nearby, a minute of sorrow equal anybody. She will understand, will find proper words, will console. Who else will agree to take out so many tears, emotions moreover and will give advice how not the best friend?
Many girls go with girlfriends everywhere, even sometimes take with themselves on appointments when doubt intentions of the boyfriend.
Proceeding from it, it is possible to draw conclusions - there is everything - mythical female friendship!
But, not everything is so simple.
Female friendship exists. But it differs from the concept “friendship“ a little.
“Wad Dra ́ zhba - the disinterested personal relations between people based on love, trust, sincerity, mutual sympathies, common interests and hobbies. Obligatory signs of friendship are the reciprocity, trust and patience“. Wikipedia.
Female friendship is more likely favorable coexistence.
At progress of one girlfriend: happy love, or the admirer presented a ring with diamond, increase at work, a happy marriage, envious notes of the second are heard: “Happy you …“. Envious girlfriends are not news.
Often close girlfriends envy not worse than enemies, at the same time trying not to show the envy. The most surprising that others know about envy, and with pleasure accept this fact. “Here, girlfriends will die of envy!“ - sounds as the real victory.

Women are on friendly terms for the sake of the benefit:

- To learn something, something to take for itself.

- Often women are on friendly terms against someone. For example, in collective someone irritates them, and on this soil they well each other understand.

- To be cried to someone. For this purpose the girlfriend as men hard transfer female tears is ideally suited. To the woman it is important that someone listened to her and took.

- Common interests influence female friendship. They together can descend on shops, on salons. For example, they are young mummies, their friendship as it is possible to unite leisure with children is favorable to them, to take a walk at a playground. Or they are grandmothers on a shop, for them their general sit-round gathering an interesting variety in life. It is interesting to look after neighbors and to discuss their private life, it not to you not cinema!

Women are on friendly terms until it is favorable to them. As soon as their interests begin to differ, they stop friendship, finding more suitable option.