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Why “The national grove in Cherepovets“ took place?

And want to be told that won against, but let`s not run forward. Already in the near future the world superproject)), successfully starting in the city of Cherepovets, serious tests can wait. But if told “and“, and you were heard, it is necessary to speak and, isn`t that so?


We will remind readers that “The national grove in Cherepovets“ is the initiative social project (one consider it ecological, others - existential) realized by simple residents on Sheksna which got support of citizens unprecedented earlier, the city halls of Cherepovets and the government of the region. The governor Kuvshinnikov literally “a bulldog`s grasp“ seized him and made everything that 1 - aya the National grove which already “rustles with foliage“ was landed nearly in the best place of Cherepovets today - from South side of Palace of culture of metallurgists from where the magnificent view on Oktyabrsky Bridge, a blue smooth surface of the Sheksna River, the most modern in the city the Zasheksninsky district and Church of the Nativity executed in perfect classical style opens.

- How it worked well? - there is a puzzled question at many companions. And, however, as it? The project starting in the middle of November, less than in a month three hands was supported by Oleg Kuvshinnikov, and all in half a year was triumphally realized. One of organizers of the project, the young man to whom and years that all …, explained it with extraordinary activity of group which “managed to involve in process even of the governor“. There is a wish to trust, of course, in the magic strength of young people, but also it is impossible to much more “burnt“ our tribespeople dreaming “to involve the governor in process“ especially it. Too simple explanation demanding more system and deep explanation. Let`s try!

The governor

As the governor appeared in “networks“ of initiative group of the project whereas from all “five“ starting in November - December, 2012, in power knew only one companion and that not from especially pleasant party. It to be pleasant to whom when psychology of your personality as if the frog is cut, chlenit, study and show in full view of all “the honest people“?! Not so there is a lot of standing social projects in the area, but quite will be enough for the governor not to be interested in one of them. Especially the value of any project can be belittled with ease, there will quite be enough resources for this purpose in power. Then why Oleg Kuvshinnikov so “easily bought“ the project of people almost unknown to it, team which yet at all in common made nothing and was not lit anywhere?
the Answer should be looked for in Oleg Kuvshinnikov`s mentality and in today`s socially - the political situation which developed in the area. Besides, we will not bend fingers and to give our conclusions for something “it is rastaky“, than any any passer-by can use. But, on the one hand, we see Oleg Kuvshinnikov`s identity in consciousnesses of which there are three main semantic dominants: it is the Kremlin, “Severstal“ and the people which integrate and direct work of his consciousness and, respectively, behavior. Plus, we will add here, obvious career motivation of the Vologda governor, ability to catch “slogans of day“, prospect of future political elections, and also ability, unlike many (almost all!) officials of the region to make independent decisions that it, in this project, with obvious success proved. Here we will add partial disappointment in activity of various institutes of the party in power which for years of the stay at “fed“ managed to nasozdavat the sea fictitiously - demonstrative products that even good undertaking time is perceived by residents of our cities and rural lands “in bayonets“. Of course, aloud he will not tell it, but we that why should be silent? And what here special if main by position of people in area relied on a useful initiative of people, neutral to political life, and was received by very good result. Nobody in this case will reproach him with a formalism, a facade, insincerity, violation hristianskikhzapovedy and with other sins. So the power also has to work if officials of the servant of the people, and not vice versa.
Thus, it is confidently possible to say that the governor seriously affected a positive outcome of the project. And it would be possible to call this influence decisive if not ….


Main idea of “A national grove“, its t. the page “counter“ is a patrimonial tree. The person, the family, the organization get, sit down, and, further, bear responsibility for a tree which is a live symbol of the person, a family, a sort, the organization. Trees live long and, having planted such tree today, we can count that through 100, and even 200 - 300 our ancestors will talk to it. Whether the prospect taking it you? Especially, when near your “patrimonial“ tree there are same patrimonial trees of members of your “tribe“. And all together and on the world and are somehow designated. Personalisation is a strong motive of initiative activity, I tell it to you)) Some companions, for example, wrote organizers: “Yes to whom your National grove is necessary?“. As a result other companions who were not in time to analysis of trees (apple-trees, willows, lindens, hawthorns and maples) in day of disembarkation were ready to buy trees … at the double or threefold price. By the way, on the following landing in the fall (allegedly in the Zasheksninsky district of Cherepovets) some line of the persons who realized was already formed that they “like something missed“. And there was a lawful opportunity to plant “a patrimonial tree“ in the center of a hail Cherepovets, but it was missed.
I, all - it is necessary to recognize that the great idea did not win if not …


the Governor mistakenly everywhere says that he went to a meeting to young people who contacted him with idea. Let`s not speak about the one who left the first))) not to tickle anybody`s vanity, but the team of the project did not consist only of young people at all. Were, there were in it also burned wolves knowing in due time “bloody taste“ of big victories and defeats. Sorry, the brother is a governor, for the next plain truth. This alloy of youth and experience, okhrenitelny motivation on success, ideological, psychological and propaganda competences also led to what brought that all could observe on May 18 at DKM fortifications.
Very important for members of team was to keep unity at least till May 18, 2013. And it was difficult to make because the person a being not only good, but also harmful, changeable, changeable, sometimes boastful and not always decent. It managed to achieve, nobody pulled especially a blanket on himself. However, voices were sometimes distributed that a pier “I am the author of idea“. And some journalists even wrote to Networks that “Oleg Kuvshinnikov, the governor of the Vologda region, and the mayor of Cherepovets Yury Kuzin stood at the origins of the project“. So, in general that, it is possible and to be added …))) we Will specify by origin ideas that there were no more foolish questions and statements: it came to mind of one uncle at the sight of one little girl standing at one beautiful tree. This uncle was a little bit religious and connected in consciousness of the child and a tree as its live symbol. And only … And further went and went as on the Vologda oil …
So, it is necessary to recognize that the team was team. At least, till May 18, 2013, but that would be cost by it if did not believe in its efforts … to

the People of “VKontakte“

Yes, users of VKontakte, eventually, believed: a) in sincerity of intentions of initiators of the project, b) in feasibility of the project. It is necessary to tell, in the Network it is difficult to achieve that and another because there the huge mass of people is aligned not that defective, but precisely offended on everyone and everything, and also seeking to prove that “weight the world - all women - …, and men - with …“. Let`s take, for example, one of the forums, most known in Cherepovets, where only and are engaged in that (nearly 15 years) that “take out“ to themselves a brain infinitely “obzhevyvy“ city events, transferring unofficial information from the category OBS, and offending all and everything who is not pleasant to them (put out the head from their “bog“). At the same time, bums of these people never and anywhere (in 15 years!) did not rise to make something useful. As you think how the category of “angry men and women“ reacts to any live initiative?) )) And now present yourself as the person to whom on the head DAILY pour out these slops: “Why you plant trees on budget money?“, “Ah, not on budgetary, so why you do not spend them for construction of kindergarten, school, expensive operation?“ You imagine what load of weak mentality is rendered by all this daily pathological nonsense?!

But there are one, and there were also others (and much - more than 1500 people) which responded, came, helped absolutely free of charge therefore which - what happened, and it was pleasant to all. Amen!