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What are notebooks interesting by?

“In a dusty pack of old letters to me one happened - about - the lake.“ You remember K. Shulzhenko`s song?

To this article me was roused viewing of an old notebook nearly 30 - summer prescription and 10 - I am anniversary of leaving of Ya. Golovanov - one of masters of thoughts of the time.

... To the place of the loader I as being inzhenerno - the technical worker was accepted with a condition that I did not apply for higher positions. I zealously began to work, the benefit the salary was good and extremely necessary. Did not avoid also public work: issued the shop wall newspaper, wrote notes to the city newspaper, butted in safety measures, violently was engaged in rationalization what and now I remember with pleasure.

I do not remember on what line (party or trade-union) I with someone on couple was sent to survey conditions of accommodation of one “needy“ family. The other day, turning over a notebook of those times, I came across the short description of those conditions, as was the cause to undertake article.

I bring without essential notes: “Address: street..., house No., surname. Without registration the family lives... 18 meters of total area, lower than the level of the earth are at 1 m. Family of 5 people. Children: 9 years, 4 years and 4 months. The room is crude, walls and a ceiling in potyoka, a thing in a mold (it is the former storeroom), on a floor 4 holes for a water drain. In holes wood lice and slugs who especially actively creep at night gather. Children have tonsillitis, mother too. Younger, Andryusha, had bronchitis 4 times. One window half in the earth, heating by a potbelly stove. Water at a rupture of a water supply system gets to the room. In the room a steady smell of a mold“.

I cannot report what was undertaken for improvement of conditions of accommodation of this family, but on the general spirit of that time improvement was made.

And here record of the chronicle of a scandalous case with the director. In the evening for banal violation of traffic regulations “Volga“ the director who was tipsy “a little bit“ was stopped. At present trifling case. And then it was called use of office transport for personal reasons. The next evening the director was lit on TV, and the reporting was seen by many. Directors already disliked therefore a gossip in a lobby of smoking-rooms and locker rooms right there began. By phone at studio confirmed that the case took place, but did not call a surname of the director.

Two next days it was not at work as if due to illness, then appeared on a community work day. I did not see the reporting, but went on studio with two eyewitnesses to find out circumstances. There were also other initiators of investigation, me which - where porazbiral, then put gradually and safely ceased.

The course of a legal investigation of Serdyukov reminds me that case today. When the director retired, we met him at a stop and quite peacefully discussed the general questions, without concerning that incident.

I conduct also now “conduit“ where I write down pearls, recipes, rhymes and expressions from a network. It is curious to their and monthly prescription to look through.

Here A. Vampilov`s record: “We say much about what we made, or about what we are going to make. It is necessary to do, but not to speak“.

Notebooks of Ilf and Petrov, “Notes of your contemporary“ Ya. Golovanov, many other authors became axiomatic reading matter, are taken away on quotes, read as fascinating novels. To me record from Ilf - Petrova was remembered: “Than stuffed, and grew matches“. I would award some award to Ya. Golovanov posthumously for his book “Notes of Your Contemporary“. On it, with its accurate and clear judgments, need to equal authors of ShZh, readers - to commentators. It is time and to write about it the book or at least article.

Now it seems that all from top to bottom just wallowed in slovesa, especially at forums and blogs. “Also you read on the Internet - all words, words, words...“ And here about real “valors, about feats, about glory“ absolutely there were few messages.

“On everything on it“ do not throw out the notebooks, among them there can be “pearl grains“ which “will be felt yours faithfully“ by curious descendants.