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How the CREEDENCE group “ran“ over presidential children, played on cow guts and wanted to stop a rain?

Last time we left CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL group on rise of their career - in 1969. 1969 in general was for KRIDENS “fruitful“, as on albums (them there were even three!) and on hits.

of “Fortunate Son“ (1969)

Despite image of “the guy from the remote place“, John Fogerti was never a republican, and together with all progressive youth did not understand for the sake of what young guys give the lives in Vietnam. Somehow time he read
about the preparing wedding of two “elite“ offsprings - Juli Nixon (the daughter of the president Nixon) and David Eisenhower (the grandson of the president Eisenhower). “These is that precisely to be at war to Vietnam will not send“ - John gloomy grinned.
A here also in its notebook was found expression of “Fortunate Son“ (“Lucky“). Everything together came to a resonance, and on light was born one of the most furious songs of KRIDENS. Also it was one of the first fate - songs which considered the Vietnamese subject from positions of a social inequality.
under “Fortunate Son“ of the hero of the movie “Forest Gump“ send for war to Vietnam.

John Fogerti:
of “Fortunate Son“, haves, people who not really - that are loved. Those who live in the best areas go by big cars. People whom I do not respect.
... There was an evening of Monday or Tuesday, and my discipline demanded that I was always ready with the parties. So I went to a bedroom, sat down on edge of a bed with a sheet of paper and a felt-tip pen. And the song went. I cried out internally, very strongly, but without words.
... I meant modern figures like Bob Doran or Newt Gingrich (senators - S. K.) who swing a flag with grandiosity and a claim as if they hide behind it. I was not one of their children! I was not David Eisenhower!“

It is amusing that CREEDENCE allowed to play this hit on TV - the show Sullivan`s Edda. The heads of show who got used to choose not problem repertoire just did not understand that “Fortunate Son“ - the song of a protest.
in principle, to the song CREEDENCE happened the same history, as to “Born In USA“ of Bruce Springsteen which was quite often used exactly the opposite as a certain “patriotic“ anthem. For example, in 2001 “Fortunate Son“ sounded in advertizing of Wrangler jeans. Creators of a roller used cunning, having taken only the two first lines of a song - “Some people are born that the flag fluttered is red - is white - blue“ . The following lines - “And when the orchestra plays a greeting to the chief, they direct tools to you“ - naturally, were left in the basket.

Nevertheless, popularity of “Fortunate Son“ increases every time when the USA starts the next stir - whether it be Iraq or Afghanistan. In 2005 Fogerti in the solo song “I Can`t Take It No More“ calls George Bush`s “lucky“ - younger. And in 2010 - the m rewrites “Fortunate Son“ together with FOO FIGHTERS.

John Fogerti:
“Turned out the version not very different from the original, but from the point of view of musical power it sounds closer how play FOO FIGHTERS. Original record for those times sounded as hev - threw. Those years only - LED ZEPPELIN only appeared, and still nobody unscrewed the handle of loudness of amplifiers in extreme situation“.

of “Down on the Corner“ (1969)

However, was not forgotten by group and about more grounded and simple subjects. At the end of 1969 CREEDENCE decided to play with fashionable then “conceptuality“ and let out an album “Willy and the Poor Boys“ (“Willie and Bednyaki“). This expression contained a comic pun (sending to a name of Winnie - Down - Winnie - The - Pooh), but - the main thing - was the name of the certain fictional musical band consisting of the poor people playing for pennies on what it is necessary.

The fictional group was represented by the song “Down on the Corner“ (“At the corner“) with the memorable bass riff. CREEDENCE, of course, were able to afford a bass - a guitar, and here WILLIE and POOR PEOPLE - hardly. Therefore in the song it is sung about absolutely other tools: “Ruster beats a washing board“ , and “Rufus pulls the bass the strings made of guts“ . All these homemade tools can be seen on a plate cover where KRIDENS is represented “alter ego“. It is interesting that during this photoshoot at the photographer the film ended. And while it was absent, the group with boredom really gave the improvised concert on all these boards - guts.

It is possible to see the same tools also during representation of “Down on the Corner“ on TV. But if in this song musicians only imitated that is played on them, then in another - - it is possible to hear “Poorboy Shuffle“ really and a bass from guts, and a washing board.
of “Down on the Corner“ and “Fortunate Son“ left on one single, and both made success (No. 3 and No. 14 respectively).

of “Travelin` Band“ (1969)

the Name of the following hit “Travelin` Band“ - “The traveling group“ - as well as possible described CREEDENCE life in 1969. Constant tours, participation in many large festivals (including Woodstock), a heat, constantly lost baggage... All this madness was perfectly described in a clockwork hit which... were about to condemn for plagiarism.

The record company which possessed the rights for Littl Richard`s songs, claimed that “Travelin` Band“ practically copies the song “Good Golly Miss Molly“. The bass player of CREEDENCE is Styu Cook - was perplexed: in - the first if their song is also similar to Richard`s hit, then on absolutely another - “Long Tall Sally“, and in - the second, same classical fate - N - a beater, sending to classics of 1950 - x years.
generally, somehow hushed up business without court, and “Travelin` Band“ is deserved occupied in a hit - parade 2 - e the place (as we remember, with the first place of KRIDENS it was never lucky).

of “Who`ll Stop the Rain“ (1969)

On the second party of a single “Travelin` of Band“ was placed more lyrical and serious composition under the bright name “Who Will Stop a Rain?“.
Then most of listeners apprehended the song as the next development of the Vietnamese subject - let and veiled and metaphoric. The author shared the similar point of view.

John Fogerti:

“It is unpleasant to b to tell
about it, but though I love the country and I feel like the American, I began to be ashamed for our government. It seemed to me that it does not express my interests and people of similar to me any more. And I wrote this song“.
Also the musician remembered

how played “Who will stop a rain? “ houses, and his little son Josh straightly told: “The father will stop a rain“. John exchanged glances with the wife and answered: “Well, it hardly“. However in 2012 at a concert in Arizona Fogerti told
absolutely other story - how he during the Woodstock festival watered a vile rain. John looked at the wet, dirty, pressing close to each other audience and on the same day wrote “Who’ll Stop the Rain“.

On this beautiful song we finish this article. And we will already finish the story about hits of KRIDENS in following.