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What waits for us? Financial crisis of 2013

Disturbing signals of attenuation of the Russian and world economy arrive from everywhere... Metallurgists reduce metal smelting as on it there is few demand. It means that there was already a construction and automotive industry. And after them - on a chain and as “the falling dominoes“ - there will be all enterprises which support these industrial monsters of economy.

Other example. Our former president Dmitry Medvedev confirmed that recession in our economy is recorded since fall of last year. It is already the fact - GDP decreases since October, 2012. It means that we fall down. Though Dmitry Anatolyevich also says that he of such heavy of financial crisis what was in 2008, will not be. But from these words it becomes somehow easier not.

Reduction of officials and state employees is planned. Already there are dismissals in business. Half a million individual entrepreneurs stopped the existence from - for almost double increase of a pension tax.

Demand strongly fell. It is told by my many familiar businessmen. People began to buy less and less (to spend the money). Add here traditional summer calm which does not promote economic recovery.

with What it threatens us?

It is possible, it sounds as some abstract words far from today`s reality. You remember, crises always come unexpectedly and at the wrong time.

As the coming crisis will be reflected in life of ordinary citizens:

- can discharge from office and it will be urgently necessary to look for new on what not one month can leave;

- it is necessary to move to other standard of living;

- there will be no opportunity to pay for rent of the apartment (or a mortgage) and it will be necessary to move to more modest dwelling;

- it is necessary to work at three works that to pay for the taken credits ;

- perhaps, it will be necessary to sell the car and other values.

Yes, all these things can happen during financial crisis.

How to be prepared for crisis?

What to do in this situation? It is not necessary to be afraid of crisis, only it is necessary to be prepared for it correctly.

It is known that the Chinese hieroglyph “Crisis“ has also the second value: “Opportunity“.

Here only some of opportunities which before you can open:

- you have an opportunity to open the business on the basis of a hobby, friends speak to you long ago: “When you will already be engaged in it seriously?“;

- for a family - it is an opportunity to see on what values it keeps;

- an opportunity to try absolutely new business and to open the new horizons of the activity;

- businesses will be closed one by one and if you do not give up and will remain in the market, then after crisis you are waited for 100% by success, you will be one;

- there is an opportunity to pass from category of the hired worker into the category “businessman“ and to change the life radically. Summarizing

you can be prepared for financial crisis in advance and use all those opportunities which it gives.

Let`s count on the best, but all - we will do everything possible that in time “to spread straws“.