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Cadillac. How a legendary era in the history of America came to an end?

Even before war the American cars began to be considered in Europe as a sign not just of prosperity and wellbeing, but smart and carefree life. And it belonged even to modest on the American concepts Chevrolet, Plymouth and Terraplane.

After war the American military authorities delivered to Europe quite large number of new Cadillacs, Buick, Chrysler, DeSoto, Hudson, Studebacker etc. It were the last premilitary developments of the American companies, but for Europe they looked rather fresh and even front lines. They impressed with the rounded, impressive shapes and rich equipment and finishing. Especially often such cars met on the Mediterranean coast of France. At that time French riviera (Cote d`Azure) also gained that fantastic attractiveness. Earlier it was rather ordinary resort and nobody was especially torn there.

Cadillac at that time offered three series - 62, possessing some share of an exclusivity, 60 Special and Fleetwood 75 which was called so in honor of body studio which before war became actually exclusive supplier of bodies for firm. The body studio Fischer at that time was already reorganized into one of production sites of concern, but still in 70 - e its plate could be met on thresholds of bodies of Chevrolet of the Caprice, Impala, Camaro and Pontiac models of the models Grand Prix, Le Mans, Firebird. It was characteristic of the period when large producers were exempted from the dependence connected with the companies - suppliers. Chrysler still in 80 - e had a Le Baron model, and now hardly anyone will remember body factory Briggs Manufacturing.

In all three series the wide choice of types of bodies, including opened - with two or four doors was offered. But with transition to new models in 49 - m the range was sharply reduced. However there was a new DeVille series with new type of a body - hardtop convertible. From the technical point of view, it was the cabriolet, but with not cleaning up roof of graceful outlines which is not bearing power loading. Roofs very thin were resistant, executed back glass tselnognuty, with a big radius of curvature. The roof looked easy, directly - air.

The back lamps located in ledges of the back wings reminding tail plumage of the jet plane were one more noticeable feature of appearance. Over time aviation associations began to strengthen intentionally - canines of bumpers began to carry out similar to warheads of rockets of the class “air-air“, on sidewalls of bodies there were arrow-shaped moldings, and plane tails stood apart in an independent element of design. In 53 - m on the new Eldorado model there was a windshield of panoramic type which is strongly bent at the edges. It soon appeared on all vehicles, and then and all concern, as well as a characteristic break of the subwindow line.

In 59 - m of the line of cars became extraordinary prompt, but this year crisis of aero style reached the peak. However aero style left not at once, finally refused it only in 64 - m when all American automobile companies re-equipped the body shops. Automobile bodies got the “formal“ hardness and straightforwardness of outlines. Cadillac at that time reminded the Klaym Solays dreadnought with the same vertical stem as his strongly acting forward wings in which dual headlights vertically settled down. In a couple of years the forward sawn-off shotgun of a body received a negative bevel that made cars similar to prompt destroyers. Speakers forward wings were a long-playing find. They could be met by cars Lincoln, Chrysler for a long time, and also on Stutz Blackhawk and Dunham Caballista of custom assembly.

Still at the beginning of 70 - x into the USA entered very rigid federal norms on ecology and passive safety. Forms of bodies began to simplify both for reduction of aerodynamic resistance, and for reduction of risk of injuring pedestrians at arrival. Motors began to work at unleaded gasoline which octane number then did not exceed 80 - ti units. Almost six-meter dreadnoughts, 6 - 7 - liter motors of which developed not 300 - 400, but only 150 - 250 forces now, began to creep literally.

At this time the Arab countries formed the Organization of the Countries - Producers and Exporters of Oil - OPEC - and began to establish the price for barrel. For Americans it was as an ice shower. Quickly economic Japanese cars which were not earlier in demand as the dreadnoughts loved by Americans not strongly differed from them at cost became fashionable. The good form was to say now how many miles your new car runs on one gallon of fuel, and only the morons from bad areas buying at a bargain second-hand Chardzhera and Kugara dared to brag of power.

Cadillac in the eyes lost attractiveness. After leaving to the world other Elvis Presley to it, esteem, did not show interest of a star of show any more - business, he was directly - is driven into a far corner by modern BMWs and Lexus. By the beginning 90 - x clients of firm were few stubborn pensioners. According to one of dealers in the State of Ohio, “this year we lost 15 more regular customers. They just died - because of old age. There`s nothing to be done!“