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Broccoli - an inexhaustible source of health?

Come a season when the cabbage of broccoli can be on your table every day. Why it needs to be included in a daily diet? This surprising plant is the real well of health and prevents emergence of some serious diseases.

of Broccoli treats family of krestotsvetny. People began to use this cabbage over two thousand years ago. For the first time it appeared in a diet of Europeans. However won special popularity of broccoli in the 20th century.

Why so it happened? Scientists became interested in a chemical composition of inflorescences of this plant. And it is not vain. As a part of cabbage antioxidants, in particular, a large amount of vitamin C and a sulforafan were found. This substance, getting to our organism, becomes powerful protection against a number of dangerous diseases, for example, oncological.

It is very important to know how to prepare cabbage of broccoli that useful substances did not disappear. If you boil cabbage, then the maximum time of cooking no more than three minutes. Use fresh vegetable for preparation of dishes, the freezing can increase the term of its storage, but at the same time the most part of useful substances will just disappear.

What contains broccoli?

In 100 g of cabbage inflorescences 4 g of carbohydrates, 2 g of dietary fibers and 2 g of protein contain. The cabbage of broccoli contains day norm of vitamin C, 50% of vitamin A, folic acid, nicotinic acid, Riboflavinum, pantothenic acid, tiamin and B6 vitamin. Except vitamins, the set of minerals, vital for our organism is a part of broccoli: selenium, iron, calcium, copper, zinc, sodium, phosphorus and magnesium. Very powerful antioxidants: an alpha - and a beta - carotene, zeaksantin and lyutein.

Besides, fatty acids, very valuable to a human body, were found in broccoli: an omega - 3 and an omega - 6. Krestotsvetnye, and broccolis in particular, are a remarkable source of fitosterol which reduce the level of “bad cholesterol“ in an organism and the sulforafan counteracting education of free radicals.

Why cabbage of broccoli is useful

of Broccoli reduces inflammatory processes in an organism. its Regular use helps to fight against an inflammation of airways, reduces allergic reaction of an organism to some substances and stops asthma attacks. Anti-inflammatory protection is connected with “work“ of a sulforafan.

Broccoli prevents emergence of stomach ulcer. This cabbage is fine means for prevention and treatment of stomach ulcers which are formed under the influence of pathogenic bacteria. Scientific researches of the American scientists showed that in several months of the daily use of broccoli at patients increase of resilience of an organism to action of bacteria and acceleration of process of healing of ulcers was observed.

The cabbage of broccoli helps to treat lungs. Recently in scientific publications one more good news about broccoli appeared. The regular use of inflorescences of broccoli helps to fight against pathogenic bacteria in lungs. It is especially important for fans of tobacco and people with the weakened immunity. Sulforafan of cabbage helps to restore ability of white blood cells to fight against pathogenic bacteria. Sulforafan imprisoned in broccoli is in an inactive form, but under the influence of enzymes he is activated and begins to work for the benefit of our organism. The use of broccoli within three years helps to clear lungs of pathogenic bacteria completely.

Broccoli and oncological diseases. knows Long ago that the people using a large number of vegetables and fruit have more chances to avoid oncological diseases. The cabbage of broccoli possesses the first place in this protection. The same sulforafan - main “fighter“ against cancer, thanks to the antioxidant properties.

Good assistants to it - natural dietary fiber, indoles, flavonoids and vitamins which all together create powerful protection of an organism against oncological diseases. Scientists of Michigan university in the USA established that sulforafan broccoli kills cancer cells in mammary glands. The natural way of treatment of mammary glands is good alternative of chemotherapy. Of course, development of this technique of treatment will demand still some time, but the first received results already encourage.

Who should not be fond of broccoli

If steadily feels sick you just seeing broccoli - it is a disturbing signal. You need urgently to check how your thyroid gland works. If you do not have iodine in an organism, then such reaction to this vegetable has places.

Why the organism so reacts to cabbage? The answer is very simple. Broccoli contain substances which slow down formation of compounds of iodine, important for an organism. The organism puts protection against an invasion of undesirable food.

If you have no contraindications for the use of broccoli, try to include it in the daily diet. But do not forget to listen to the organism. If there is no desire to try broccoli inflorescences, then it is not necessary to force himself. It is better to address the doctor and to check that not so in your organism.