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Laughter without the reason - a madness sign? I want to tell

In this article about advantage of laughter - both causeless, and pertinent in the cheerful company - and to discredit a stereotype “laughter without the reason - the fool`s sign“ which in us was constantly inspired in the childhood.

As are told by clever people of ours and last centuries, “the laughter prolongs life“. This statement very is not casual! I will not be able to tell you in medical language as there takes place process of laughter in our organism as it appears, but I can precisely tell that at the same time any problems, even the most negative situations for the person become only a small obstacle in a way to success.

So, scientists it is proved that if in one room there are two persons with great, cheerful mood, and to them the third at which at heart “cats scrape“ comes, then already literally in 5 minutes at all attendees the mood spoils.

And now let`s understand what emotions you want to give to the people surrounding to you? Really such negative spirit?

I believe in purity and kindness of each person. This world was created from an impulse of love and happiness. And therefore I assume that most of people at heart wish all good mood and good luck.

It is simple when negatively adjusted person, being in society, “gives“ the bad emotional condition and is rude, positively adjusted person will - bondage begins “to pollute“ the positive. And further this “infected“ person “gives“ the negative to the following people - and so on a chain. Consequences can be the most depressing.

Why our life seems to many people so difficult and negative? All this because people do it such.

Most of businessmen and rich people, answering a question whether they are happy, answer - no! Why? Yes because they do not enjoy life, do not give the positive to people around. Because at them all life is subordinated to wearisome discipline. There is no sense someone to condemn, it is simple and this fact takes place to be.

But what to do to people to learn to enjoy life, to enjoy each its moment?

Everything is very simple - laugh!

Forget about a stereotype “laughter without the reason - the fool`s sign“. At laughter in an organism a large amount of hormones of happiness - endorphins is developed. By means of this hormone of people struggles with depressions and stresses.

So can help us with obtaining positive emotions? If you watch not horror films, fighters, and comedies, then read jokes and cheerful stories.

Begin the morning with a smile - and you shortly feel how everything changes for the better. Begin to pay the attention to that how many times you in day smile. I do not speak about laughter any more, at many it in general is absent.

The statistics demonstrates that the baby in day smiles 500 times a day, and the adult - only 17.

Meanwhile - the laughter rejuvenates us! Scientists from Germany wrote about it. They made experiment in which about 500 000 people participated. Showed to people a photo of serious people and a photo on which people laughed or smiled, - and so, the age of cheerful people was estimated 2-3 years less.

Yes what here to say, is even simple to communicate with positively adjusted interlocutor much more pleasantly and more interestingly, than with aching and hopelessly upset.

And let`s change this world to the best! Let`s smile more often each other and to give positive emotions. So our world will become a little kinder and happier.

And one of his creators there can be you!