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What do we know about sacraments of love? Part 2

Lyubov is the choice. The choice can sometimes be unpleasant and even painful.

Sometimes when we prefer to lie, the love demands to show honesty. To constrain emotions when there is a wish to state discontent. To remain on the place though there is a passionate wish to run. To agree with uncertainty in something whereas clarity wants. To resist to something while it would be desirable to preserve the peace at any cost.

The true love strengthens spirit, cultivates in us patience and understanding. It eradicates arrogance and preserves against mortal sins. When the person loves, he does not want to do anything bad. It is pure and pure. It becomes by itself.

The love is the experiment, greatest in life, with various forms of love. Mother, the father, the man, the woman, your child or even a flower - all of them are forms, waves in the huge ocean of love. True love it is impossible to disappoint, in it there are no expectation and pretense. It is spontaneity and surprise.

Lyubov demands care and attentiveness. Lyubov always thinks of another, she shows compassion and is ready to serve. When the person really loves someone, he cares for the object of love. But love not in other person, it in ourselves. To awaken and feel it, another is necessary.

The parable about one dzensky Master who died is known. The master asked that brought him shoes.

- Where you? - his pupils asked. - Doctors say that you will die soon.
- I will go to a cemetery, - he told.
- But why?
- I do not want to create to anybody problems. Otherwise you should carry me on shoulders.
He came to a cemetery and died there.

Nothing remains the same, life flows and changes. It is necessary to learn to love everything that occurs. To be grateful for everything that happens. If something leaves - to release. If there is no place to move - to stop. And if life comes - to say goodbye and leave to end.

It is also a maturity. It is also love.

Socrates advised: learn yourself. Buddha spoke: love yourself.

The love gives the chance to learn herself, to learn truth. When the person loves himself, he enjoys life. The love begins to overflow it, and, filled, it shares love with other people, it reaches people around. Love smoothly as if the air enriched with oxygen, passes from one to another, from the person - to animals, plants, the rivers and mountains. Osho said that it is enough one and only person to fill with love all Universe, precisely as it is enough one small stone to fill with circles all lake.

The love is capable to work wonders.

The love is capable to cure.

The children who felt maternal unconditional love and fatherlike conditional, maturing, synthesize in themselves these two inconsistent aspects. Growing, they lead happy life. The lack of love forms either too sharp person, or too helpless and dependent. Statistically, 90 - 95% of all physical diseases are caused by the psychological reasons. Even such illnesses as viral or bacterial infections, are connected with a psychological state of the person.

From - what we support? Frustrations and tension reduce immunity and resilience of an organism.

From - for what these negative phenomena appear? Arrogance, the inflated ego, anger, condemnation, discontent with, society All our life is wasted on condemnation of others. People so well are able to find faults. But they see in others what is in them.

How to get rid of this addiction? Love yourself - Buddha said.

When the person loves himself, unless he will dare to suffer and be angry? Whether will call for war, to betray, lie, destroy similar? Being part of the nature, part of a whole, unless will want to destroy this nature, to offend weak and to despise beggars? Loving itself whether will be able to poison the body with drugs, cigarettes, excessive alcohol, low-quality food?

How to fall in love with itself? The simplest way to love - to see itself part of whole, to appreciate and respect that divine that deeply sits in each of us.

The one who loves himself is silent and modest, he easily transfers loneliness because with pleasure remains with itself. To it it is comfortable in society because does not require to itself attention, he is attentive to others. He lives here, today, always.

Whether you met such people? You are such?

Look around and look who near you. You same, as well as your environment. You created it and therefore you among these people.

There is an ancient Chinese legend of the person who moved mountains. He was ninety years old. The old man often traveled from the settlement and was forced to travel over mountains which got in the way. He decided to move away them. For many years together with the family moved pieces of rocks to the sea. And he told people who considered its work useless that he, of course, will not manage to finish the business, but his descendants of this purpose is reached. God Nebes, having admired his persistence, moved mountains.

Morals of this history not only that miracles in life can happen if you know that you do and you continue to do it. Everything that is necessary to become happier and make the world more comfortable - to be true to, despite any difficulties. And then everything will be successful, and gods will help, pushing aside obstacles from your way.

Socrates claimed that the person practicing sacraments of love will adjoin not to reflection, and to the truth. You love yourself it is total, you love the body, the mind. To be - the greatest miracle. Enjoy own light, rejoice that you live that you are. Also continue to love yourself. Love - the only treasure which we can grant ourselves.