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What do we know about sacraments of love? Part 1

People of various nationalities differ from each other. They are divided by history, culture, language. But there is one that connects all irrespective of traditions and a course of life. What makes all happy. It is love. to Children asked

a question: “What is love?“ Their answers were wider and deeper, than it was possible to assume.

“God could tell magic words to clean nails on a cross, but he did not make it. It is love“. The touching statement of the child about God who loved people and gave them the only son to save the world.

The boy of 4 years became the winner. The child came to the neighbor at whom the wife died, and sat down to him on knees. Later mother asked the son that he did there. “Nothing, - the kid answered, - I only helped it to cry“.

Many of us believe that love - feeling which flashes spontaneously, like magic when they meet the half intended by destiny. And also spontaneously it can die away as soon as the relations collapse. It is no wonder that many people are lonely. In their ideas of love passivity and helplessness sound.

Erich Fromm is an outstanding psychoanalyst and the philosopher of the 20th century, in the famous treatise “Love Art“ noted a sad consequence of this wrong representation. The researches of the nature of love conducted by it showed that “love - art, same as art to live“, and this art demands responsibility, respect, knowledge and efforts.

In what art consists to love?

Ability to love is closely connected with the relation of the person to the world in general, and not just to some concrete object of love. The love according to Fromm is an orientation of character, a certain living position which forms communication with the world. Between different types of love there are no basic distinctions. The fraternal affection is the cornerstone of all types of love. And the main sign of this love - lack of exclusiveness. The love is based on feeling that all people - a whole. That all of us are connected with each other by invisible threads of a community.

After a morning prayer the prophet Magomet left the mosque with the follower who for the first time came to pray. There was a summer, and many people peacefully slept in the houses and directly on the street. “Magomet Hazrat, what will be with these sinners? - haughtily the follower declared. - They are lazy and overslept a morning prayer“.

Magomet stopped and told: “Go home, and I should return to the mosque“. “Why?“ - the man was surprised.

“My morning prayer from - for you was gone in vain. From communication with you everything collapsed. I should make a prayer again. And as for you, remember, please: never come again. For you it is better to sleep. Your prayer had only one result - it gave to you a reason to condemn others“, - Magomet answered.

Both in belief, and in love there is no vanity, there is no razdelennost, there is no sense of superiority, there is no humiliation. The more the mankind is improved technically, the mental intensity and need for unity, partnership with other people increases stronger. And to be rather happy in love, it is necessary to want and look for, first of all, this unity. It demands from us a lot of courage, self-discipline and courage.

There was time when for advance was to satisfy instincts enough forward. Fight for a survival, searches of food, care of reproduction were a life basis. But the person grows together with progress, slowly, from century to century, opening essence and integrity of the world put in it. Progress changes not only a way of life, but also thinking of each person.

For an example, compare us to the generation living a century ago. The huge abyss in consciousness divides us. Now it is required to us not only “bread and shows“. Each of us wants to receive daily the portion of the international information, to use in life of an achievement of science and technology, to join world opening, to participate in discussion of global planetary subjects. Someone actively fights for the dolphins exterminated on the far continent, someone signs the petition against an arbitrariness of the dictator dominating for thousands of kilometers. Some invisible force, having roamed individually each of us, squeezes in uniform embrace of all people more and more strong. This force seeks to bring everyone to completeness and integrally connects with each other. And the love is that sacrament which fastens, unites in a single whole.

The Chinese parable tells about the young man who lived near the sea and very much loved a tea. In the morning at dawn it went on the coast and played with them. Hundreds of birds flew up to it, sat down in his stretched palms and, having stuck around from all directions, did not leave it while it did not leave home. His father, having learned about the son`s entertainment, asked to catch for him several birds. Next morning, when the young man came to the coast, seagulls rushed in the sky, but any did not go down to it. The desire to please the father destroyed harmony of the young man with wildlife.

Each phenomenon of life, each person are so closely connected with the environment that between them it is very difficult to draw a distinction. This communication makes under itself real physical sense which example the rainbow phenomenon can be. The rainbow arises when there is an interrelation between three components: the sun, liquid droplets in the atmosphere and the observer. And if between components there is a certain angular arrangement, it is possible to see a rainbow. Moving in space, the person generates a rainbow - the environment.

When we love, we see in darling only the finest. We accept it it what it is. The love arises as result of understanding of perfection of other person.

How there can be this understanding? Each person has positive sides. And if to concentrate on them, it is possible to love any. “You love me because I beautiful, or I - am beautiful because you love me?“