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Health care. What it?

Health care - a field of activity of the state which purpose is the organization and ensuring available medical care of the population, preservation and increase of its level of health. (Wikipedia)
Speaking about domestic health care, you will involuntarily reflect - whether so actually the situation is? Everyone who at least once visited usual district clinic can argue that available medical care of the population is the purpose of our state. And still in a fit of temper the same person can exclaim: “Yes that we have all not as at people!“ As at the people living outside our Homeland we will look a bit later for now let`s specify from where legs at problems grow in domestic health care.

1. Problems which we everywhere face patients of our health care, arose not yesterday. Accurate roots of a problem can be found in 60 - 70 years, the lack of necessary financing, obsolescence of the medical equipment, a low wage of health workers were already at that time observed. Accruing as a snowball, these problems passed also in 90 - years when for the known reasons, appear, for the state had no time for health care in principle. It is possible to tell that all this branch held the account of the obligatory medical insurance entered in 1991 - compulsory health insurance. And it was in turn provided with assignments from the population salaries. Such picture is observed to this day. But there is a question why, speaking about some kind of insurance of health, each patient himself as a result to pay it has to seemed elementary medical services? Not to mention such global things how operation, etc.? It is clear, that compulsory health insurance is not capable to solve problems of protection of health of citizens of Russia. Since January, 2011 the new law on compulsory health insurance came into force. Promise more flexible system of the choice of insurance company, wider list of places of medical care where it will be possible to receive medical care at the expense of the insurer and so on. Now we need only to wait when the law begins to work at full capacity.

2. But speaking about domestic health care, it is necessary to remember that there the people, capable to empathize ready to fight for health of the wards going on various steps to draw attention of the general public to problems in this branch work. Often such health workers meet far from the capital where treatment of the patient is often similar to military operations. However, having looked at a news video topic from some deaf town, and it seems that walls of hospital were not under repair since the Great Patriotic War, and the last equipment arrived to them just before those “dashing 90 - mi“. And only due to dedication of the people working in such places, patients can receive medical care.

3. As usual, there is a wish to learn and what foreign experience in questions of medical care? How THERE solve problems? And can these problems THERE in general is not present?
Around the world allocate three large economic models into which the existing health systems fit. It:
A) paid medicine. Here the state is not an insurer, all services are provided by medical institutions at the expense of the consumer of these services. The care of disabled citizens is undertaken by the state, developing various programs. We can observe such option in the USA.
B) Financing is exclusive from the state budget which is formed at the expense of taxes on the population and the enterprises. Exceptions are made by insignificant part of services. The market of medical services is in such system under control of the state. Great Britain, Denmark, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland can be proud of state financing.
B) And, at last, the mixed model - here is present compulsory health insurance at a certain participation of the state in financing of insurance funds.
Such model exists in France, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Holland, etc. for today the number of needy and socially unprotected citizens is rather big
In Russia. To add here a constant budget deficit, low level of social security in the majority of the regions of Russia, lack sometimes of normal living conditions and workplaces. As a result, it becomes clear that the paid health system is not capable to get accustomed in our country now. Speaking about health of the nation - we often mean health of our children. How it can be protected? It is the most important question for the woman thinking of the child. Whether introduction of paid medicine can become the reason of decrease in birth rate?
Can allocate several problems of the Russian health care.
A) the Most sensitive issue, perhaps - shortage of preferential medicines. Again for the main reason - lack of financing. In policlinics pensioners cannot often receive necessary drugs, and are forced to buy them in drugstores. There is also other group of people - with rare diseases. For them there is a 7 nozologiya program. According to experts, the list of diseases according to this program is promised to be expanded. However one expansion, probably not to solve a problem … Perhaps, officials should think of a possibility of more effective planning of purchases? As the Minister of Health of Sverdlovsk region Arkady Belyasky &ndash noticed; the reason of shortage of preferential drugs is connected with the decision of the Federal Antimonopoly Service which cancelled a competition on acquisition of medicines. Advice to exempts - anyway if refused to you medicine, having just reported that it is unavailable, address to local department of health care. You have the right to it!
B) the Expensive equipment in policlinic, &ndash hospital; it is dream not only patients. In it see the benefit and many officials, not pure on a hand. From such expensive and necessary tomographs, various medical equipment it is possible to receive kickback. In this regard it would be rational to offer a certain monitoring system over those who make purchases for medical institutions.
B) One of topical problems - working conditions of health workers. Here we can observe a vicious circle - a low wage, lack of necessary, and often just elementary medicines, technicians generates decrease in an involvement into labor process of the health worker. As a result in the people there is a feeling that to the doctor just to spit on the patient. And the attitude of patients towards the doctor is part of working conditions too, and not small. Therefore improvement both a financial situation regarding a salary to doctors, and hardware will entail inevitably and improvement of working conditions.
One of versions of the solution is proposed by Leonid Roshal, the most authoritative doctor, the director of scientific research institute of urgent children`s surgery and traumatology - through compulsory health insurance, i.e. due to increase in contributions for compulsory health insurance by 2 - 3 times. May it be one of options of a solution of the problem of working conditions of doctors? At increase in contributions also expenditure of employers will grow. What can follow it? Reduction of a salary? Increase in cost of production? Or it is necessary to look for a solution absolutely in other actions?
G) Problem of education of health workers. As well as other systems, our education has hard times now. Unfortunately, it concerned also such important sphere as medicine. Fact: “It is information - technological support of decisions of health workers can reduce quantity of medical mistakes by 80%, and development of adverse collateral reactions at medicinal therapy decreases by 55%.“ Unfortunately, at us is absent now, in difference from the West, information support of doctors, is absent free on - line professional medical library service which could be used for additional medical education. Perhaps, it is already time for state to interfere and to transfer medical branch to partial or full financial financing?
D) In the conclusion should note lack of accurate positive image of the doctor for today. The doctor who is devoted to the business for which a Hippocratic Oath - not mere words which bribes does not take and treats, but does not cripple. To improvement of image of the doctor can serve the loyal relation of mass media to health care, creation of the supporting programs directed to communication of doctors and society is possible. It is very simple to
to break, difficult then to construct - it is known even by the child. Now we need to direct all forces to construction. We will not be able to live without doctor, without medical assistance, but all of us very much would like that this help was sincere and timely. And only ourselves can construct such society in which it would be comfortable and exciting to us to live.