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Character of the person. Whether it is easy to be “narcissus“?

In a palette aktsentuatsy demonstrative type at me with firmness are associated with yellow color: sunlight, “yellow“ press, scandalous yellow jacket veil … By the way, a prototype of the heroine of the poem of Mayakovsky “Marusya got poisoned“ which committed suicide from - for lack of fashionable shoes - the bright representative of demonstrative type. And Vladimir Vladimirovich was not alien … From here masterful possession of audience, effective appearance, admiration of public. And the personal tragedies which ended with the tragedy - too from here. to the Creator weaknesses are pardonable

if they serve as the creativity catalyst. Demonstrativeness of mediocrity which is convinced depresses: my sufferings - the most painful, my problems - the most important, my advantages - the most indisputable.

Shortcomings, of course, too are. The girl in weight category to 48 kg is distressed: “I so grew fat“, driving in a depression the girlfriend weighing twice more. “I am such old!“ - the twenty-year-old coquette examines in a mirror the face. Try to tell them that - yes, it is quite good to clean a kg two-three from sides that rather early wrinkles developed - you will acquire enemies on for the rest of the life. Not for this purpose these complaints that sympathized with them and to receive the next portion of compliments.

Demonstrative people are convinced: everything that they tell, is madly interesting to others. If you “have the luck“ to appear in one compartment with the demonstrative person, be ready that all road he will take out with enthusiasm to you a brain stories about himself, favourite, about the relatives and acquaintances, the work, the interests and diseases.

In general discomfort from communication with the person - the right indicator of personal frustration of one of partners. But is more often - both! The demonstrative personality possesses ability to make active and excite demonstrative lines if they, of course, are in the vis-a-vis.

Came on department of one capital higher education institution, we drink tea with colleagues, easy we communicate. I wait for a zavkafedra to discuss our cooperation. The lady is late. An elegant pink suit with black laces, black tights in a setochka, the varnished shoes. Refined manners. We speak about things, important for both of us. Unexpectedly I feel like an ugly duckling with all that it implies. Later the acquaintance who was present at this meeting was surprised: “What happened to you? I the first time you saw such uncertain and pathetic“.

And there was a following. The lady involuntarily woke my underdeveloped and sleeping to this meeting demonstrativeness. But it did not pull against experienced demonstrativeness of the interlocutor. There was an unpleasant deposit, collaboration somehow did not develop. Then heard something similar from the existential psychotherapist Svetlana Krivtsova: “If after a business meeting I begin to have complex concerning the appearance and to think of purchase of new shoes, so I dealt with a narcissus“.

A narcissism - extreme manifestation of demonstrativeness which is officially recognized as personal frustration is called so by name the mythical Ancient Greek young man who fell in love with the reflection. Speak, the poor creature could not come off a favourite image for a minute and died of hunger.

Modern “narcissuses“ quite often die of anorexia and unsuccessful plastic surgeries in a pursuit of eternal beauty and youth. But become more often than them the victims surrounding, especially close because the main lines of people with narcissistic violations are intolerance to any criticism, jealousy of foreign progress, an egocentrism, lack of sense of guilt, emotional deafness and a blindness. It in case demonstrativeness reads off scale and is aggravated with errors of education and low level of consciousness.

One more feature of this type - demonstrative consumption. The thing, how many a symbol of belonging to “elite“ - to actors, athletes, politicians is not so much necessary. Fakes and remarks of the known brands become first of all for people with demonstrative accentuation. The credits with inevitable visits of bailiffs - too for them.

The demonstrative person can be charming as, for example, Andrey Mironov`s hero in the movie “Diamond Hand“ or Roza from “Little Prince“ of Ekzyuperi. It is all about proportions. Reasonably demonstrativeness is necessary to actors, teachers, politicians, public figures. However it is not guarantee of professional success - talents and abilities, and also patience and diligence which often are not enough for demonstrative persons are necessary.

Growth of demonstrative population will lead to the fact that there are too much men and women will begin to consider itself as the center of the Universe around which all others have to rotate. And to rotate - that will be nobody …