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Police. A new name - old problems.

Police. A new name - old problems.
It seems that the new law on police adopted in March, 2011 strongly excited minds and hearts of our citizens. Really, today the relation to the law enforcement agencies which received a new name “Police“, to put it mildly, negative.
Very few people, having caught sight on the street of the representative of police, will be able to think: “I am quiet, I am protected“. How described various pluses of newly made law enforcement authorities in the relevant law, meanwhile in consciousness of many residents of Russia the police officer is not a guarantor of safety of their housing, property and, at last, lives.
But whether so actually everything is bad?
Let`s understand!
Root of problems.
the Problem of interaction of police and society was born in “dashing 90 - x“ when there was a purposeful collapse of the USSR and honest law-enforcement systems was not necessary. At this time there is an origin of business in Russia and as a result of such uncontrollable process - formation of the criminal market. In this regard the part of employees of militia went to commerce, and part, using the situation, was engaged in so-called “protection racket“. The vzyatnichestvo, immoral behavior of representatives of law enforcement agencies which could acquit the guilty person could not but turn out to be consequence of such state of affairs and will subject to unfair punishment of the innocent. And still, it is necessary to recognize, the image of the almighty bandit in shoulder straps lives in many minds of our citizens.
the Problem of such created image, of course, not always has under itself the reasons. In it “merit“ of mass media - news of TV channels, the first pages of newspapers and even news lines the Internet of editions and dazzle with juicy scandals in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Thus, appears rather complex and many-sided problem.

1) As well as in any department, in structure of law enforcement agencies each employee has “paperwork“. Who at least once was engaged in the reporting, that will understand as far as it is laborious and sometimes the tiresome work distracting from the main practical work. Let`s not call in question need for the reporting - it is part of work and law enforcement officers. However business becomes complicated existence in structure of the power of a so-called vertical which obviously prevents effective work - regional departments of police form the “correct“ reports to send them regional, regional add even more nonexistent data there not to look pale before the federal management, and it, in turn, corrects these reports to full irreality to deserve encouragement from the top management of the country. As a result, the top of such vertical is reached by absolutely ideal report on work on places. It should be added only that often the top often does not know that it is created at the very bottom.
Is possible, it would be worth changing structure of submission of police that on places city, regional and regional managements of police were accountable to local governments - mayors of the cities, heads of areas, governors of areas. These officials are not a part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, they are not interested in the “correct“ figures, they are more anxious with a criminogenic situation in their city, the area or area.
2) during transformations in structure of police this year is supposed numerical reduction of the staff of police to 1 106 472 people. Seemingly thought of reduction is tempting - excessive “razdutost“ of staff is not necessary. However, on an old habit we involuntarily compare “as at us“ and “as at them“, meaning the USA. And so in the USA only 350 - 500 police officers are the share of 100 000 people of the population. Proceeding from these data, the general staff of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has to be about 700 - 715 thousand people (if to accept that the population of Russia - 143 million persons). Then that from “razdutost“ of staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs we did not leave …
3) One more moment in activity sets thinking. Everywhere there is a transition of shots from law enforcement agencies in the judicial case. Most of judges with understanding belongs to how work as law enforcement officers is performed. Violation of procedures and norms of civil and criminal law to some judges if it is so possible to tell, “is close“ if the judge - the former public prosecutor`s worker who perceives similar nonprofessionalism as norm. It generates a peculiar mutual responsibility of law enforcement agencies and vessels: courts sign the necessary convictions, being in secret arrangement to police officers who need to close affairs. It is possible to offer practice of transition from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the judicial case to forbid. It, certainly, will limit the rights of police officers as citizens, but will help restoration of justice with decisions of judges.
4) Low responsibility for the offenses made by police officers. It is very important line in present law-enforcement system. It is very strongly crossed with that reporting - as a rule, in police “the are not given“. And if there are any punishments - they very conditional and insignificant. There are a lot of examples - as often we observe impunity pictures on roads as often we see a touching unification on streets of representatives of police and the Caucasians who obviously do not have neither registrations, nor registration in Moscow. And at the same time it is also often possible to see the police officer banishing the old women trading at the subway in any small things. What is it? Awareness of impunity and permissiveness? Desire to earn on an additive to a salary? It seems that to new law enforcement authorities there will be not enough one recertification - ability to behave correctly in any situation will not appear only with the only change in the name of structure. And meanwhile, the police officer - not only the keeper of an order, but also its symbol and therefore he has to bear much more serious responsibility for violations, than the ordinary citizen.
5) Image always played an important role in society. Image of the person or the whole group of the people who are in power has huge value. Here also the manner to speak, appearance, consciousness of the mission enters. For change of the image of the law enforcement officer it is necessary to work and over his appearance - to change a dress code, distinctions, a manner of communication with citizens. Then also the attitude of citizens towards the police officer for certain will change. It has to give hope and confidence, but not fear.

In the Internet - discussion of the new bill “ About police “ the huge number of people took part. As a result many remarks in the new version of the bill “About Police“ are considered. However the fact that the law is adopted does not solve many problems, including about what there was a speech here. Of course, can seem to much that their one voice means nothing. But millions live in our country! Give everything together we will think that we want to change what we want to see that structure which has to serve society in general and help each citizen what in work of police officers for us plays a crucial role what ourselves are ready to introduce to improve a present situation? If not ourselves take care of it, then who?