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Martial arts: FAQ. Part 2. SE or BI?

In the first part of a cycle we dealt with you for the sake of what in general it is worth paying the attention to martial arts. Now we will try to answer a question that will suit you, and at the same time we will be defined once and for all with age in which it is possible and it is necessary to begin to train.

of SE or BI?

So to choose? Sport or art? Narrow specialization in the first case or an integrated approach in the second? A side between these concepts rather thin therefore also to give the exact answer not easy.

It is obvious that sport is the competitive discipline subordinated to rules of conducting competitions. Mass character and children`s sport dictate need of safety during trainings and competitions that, in turn, toughens rules, excludes injury-causing actions and develops protective equipment. Besides - the aspiration to win within rules emasculates an arsenal, forces to find the most part of training time for the technical actions giving the chance to score a maximum of points.

From pluses - very important - the limited number of technical actions repeats a huge number of times, registers in a brain subcortex, becomes habitual and natural, if necessary is carried out almost instinctively, so, optimum. The athlete with a wide arsenal of technical actions becomes less predictable for the rival, so - more prepared for a victory. That is, at careful approach for the benefit of the athlete to seize whenever possible big arsenal, eventually erasing a side between highly specialized sport and art. And, of course, on the party of mass sport of achievement of sports science. Higher educational institutions train the qualified trainers, scientific groups develop techniques of trainings of certain qualities of athletes on the basis of modern scientific achievements - all this together with desire to train yields good result.

The declared advantages of both traditional (TBI), and modern (SBI) of martial arts - a wide arsenal of technical actions and lack of low blows. In TBI to it we add a support on century traditions, and to SBI - the amendment on modern realities. Thus ideally we have the optimum weapon for street self-defense. But actually everything is not so simple - the wide arsenal does not give the chance to find due time for each of elements. Here professionalism of the mentor which has to define priorities for the pupil proceeding from his natural data will help and find for them bigger amount of training time.

Lack of the forbidden technical actions - one more “ambush“ of BI. It means injury-causing technicians, and with them - lack of sparrings that does not give the chance to fulfill them at full capacity in a training duel of the freestyle format. Unfortunately, sometimes adherents of BI and stay in the confidence based on infrequent repetitions difficult the technician in half-forces and in half-speed that if necessary the skills and abilities will be able to show. In this case training sparrings on certain can be good help in training process, it is desirable various, to rules. One more step in this direction - campaigns on friendly training duels to representatives of other SE and BI directions where sparrings pass by rules of a host.

Proceeding from the aforesaid it is difficult to make concrete recommendations offhand: any choice is in own way good. At responsible and careful approach the advantage of occupations both SE, and BI will be considerable. A question of the choice of group / section / school not idle time, sometimes rather long, - it is possible, about it it is worth arguing separately. But to begin, without fanaticism and with attention, it is possible from the next training hall from the residence. whether

Not too I is old?

can Often be observed how the parents waiting for the children at the end of occupation with interest watch training. Perhaps, some of them also would like to try to be trained. But they are stopped by doubts. Most likely we will not be mistaken, having assumed that the main of them the following: I any more not at that age, sports regalia do not shine me, a bone, muscles not those any more, at me nothing will turn out. Well and, of course, I have no time for it...

We will try to dispel these doubts: at any age it is possible to begin occupations. Seldom at whom everything turns out at once. Feeling a measure and having adopted common sense peculiar to mature age - try, and already through not really long time be surprised to what at you began to turn out. And time... Always it is possible to find 1,5 - 2 hours a week (it, of course, a little, but it is quite acceptable for a start), and there, you look - there will be a habit, priorities will change, and then time will manage to find more.