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Martial arts: FAQ. Part 1. And it is necessary to you?

the Sword can be useful once in life, but to use - it it is necessary to carry with itself all life. (A samurai proverb)

For certain each of those who is keen on occupations by single combats at least once was asked: why you spend on this such amount of time and efforts? You are an athlete, you prepare for competitions? There is, of course, and such, but their small percent. You prepare for army? All know that personal abilities of the unarmed soldier influence the course of military operations a little in comparison with ability is insignificant is coped to work as a part of the armed group. Self-defense on the street? Any gas “pukalka“ levels abilities of conducting hand-to-hand fight and gives considerable advantages even in the face of the prepared opponent; if against you aggressive-minded group - knowledge of psychology of behavior of aggressive-minded group and, excuse for banality, track and field athletics will help much more effectively.

So moves these people? The analogy to fishing is sometimes given: what, is asked, to rise very early, to go in distant far, to feed mosquitoes or to freeze for the sake of a handful of small small fishes from whom and food - especially you will not prepare that (stories about vooot such copies we will leave on conscience of story-tellers or we will carry to the exceptions of the general statistics which are not influencing an integral picture).

At everyone the reason to be engaged in combat sports, martial arts, hand-to-hand fight. Someone was brought by the parents wishing to see in the future the child the champion, someone was attracted by grace and harmony of movements, someone could not realize in a different way spirit of rivalry, to someone bothered to suffer jeers of stronger schoolmates. Those who were involved and resolved the issues which forced them to begin occupations, already and will not answer precisely and unambiguously - why to them it is necessary. Just regularly go to trainings, developing, perfecting, maintaining the skills and abilities, not bothering especially the answer to this question.

But what to tell those who did not decide on the choice yet? How to induce them to take the first step and to check whether it is necessary? Let`s try to help.

Objectivity for the sake of needs to notice that the combat sports (CS) or the martial arts (MA) it is not better than occupation and it is not worse than other sports or kinds of activity. But occupations in this direction will bring many advantages in comparison with you prior to occupations of SE or BI and will open weight interesting in you and world around.

We will stop attention only on several advantages which can give us occupations of SE and BI.

Discipline. As well as any occupation demanding a regularity and following to certain rules, occupations of SE and BI force to watch themselves and the acts that, naturally, is reflected in all fields of activity and the life.

Health. As well as any physical activity, occupations of SE and BI (not excessive, sport of big achievements - other subject) strengthen health including mental - on occupations it is regularly necessary to fight with himself, first of all. It, naturally, exerts beneficial influence on perception of life in general.

Probably, one of the most important advantages - appears self-confidence . Ability to stand for itself and the relatives, understanding of the opportunities, understanding of the force - all this influences behavior of the person. Need to someone something leaves to prove, the most important - itself. From here the quantity of conflict situations decreases, there is an ability to forgive, smooth acute angles. What, of course, does not exclude an opportunity to show hardness if necessary.

So - on the question “whether it is necessary“ the answer is received. In the following part of a cycle we will try to be defined that is closer to you - SE or BI, and at the same time we will dispel myths about at what age it is possible to begin trainings.