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Cesky Krumlov - what to look at?

Cesky Krumlov - all this what it is possible to dream of, going to travel across the Czech Republic. Here you will find both ancient small streets, and medieval lodges under a red tile, and unusual bridges on which it is so pleasant to walk together. This city is rather unique

, not without reason its architecture is entered in the list of the world heritage of UNESCO.

Cesky Krumlov - so small town that sometimes it seems just toy. It can be explained with the fact that here you will not find skyscrapers and the modern areas.

In the city everything is impregnated with history, everything leads the unusual life. In its center you will definitely not see neon signs, it is forbidden to change the image of streets here.

Planning a trip to this medieval town, be sure, you will find here a lot of all interesting. To visit at least a half of sights of Cesky Krumlov, it is worth arriving here for several days.

Historic center of the city is well-known for the ancient buildings, the majority of which (the whole three hundred architectural objects) are protected by the law as the main values of the Czech Republic. Here it is possible to examine the second-large lock in the territory of the country. Besides, souvenir little shops and shops, unique galleries and art salons are always open for visitors.

Locals always smile and are ready to help tourists.

Cesky Krumlov is the real center of cultural life of Czechs. Every day there is something new, unusual. In vicinities of Cesky Krumlov various festivals, unique holidays and historical games are spent.

Every year in the summer in the territory of the city hold two large festivals which will please fans of music, - the International musical festival of the Czech art and the Festival of chamber music.

Fans of beer can get on tasting of intoxicated drink, and those to whom to liking active recreation, - to go to rafting on the local Vltava Small River. All city is surrounded with the unique nature therefore it is possible to make interesting foot and bicycle walks, to carry out picnics and just to enjoy life.

First of all, having got to Cesky Krumlov, it is worth visiting the unique castle complex built in the XIII century. Despite the fact that this lock is in the small town its area is equal to 10 hectares. The complex includes the building in Gothic style, in Baroque style and the Renaissance, and also the huge park surrounding the lock. In the XVIII century built here unique Plashcheva Bridge which connects the lock and park. From the bridge the unforgettable view of Cesky Krumlov therefore here it is always possible to meet a huge number of tourists opens.

In the territory of the city it is possible to acquire the unique card which will help to examine all local sights. Card cost in a month only 200 Czech korunas (for one adult). It is possible to stop the choice and at hour excursion, especially if you have no time for visit of all interesting places in the city.