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Various Windows 7

Versions Author: Sergey Vavilov
the Modern self-instruction manual of work on the computer in the Windows 7

Considering interests of various groups of users, Microsoft put on the market several Windows 7 versions. They differ among themselves with a set of opportunities and, respectively, a cost. The comparative characteristic of the Windows 7 editions that you could choose the option corresponding to your requirements is provided in this section.

There are five Windows 7 versions: “Windows 7 Initial“, “The basic Windows 7 House“, “The expanded Windows 7 House“, “Windows 7 Professional“, “Windows 7 Maximum“. In this list releases are located as increase in functionality (and costs). Simpler Windows 7 versions turn out by reduction of opportunities of the most unabridged edition available to a wide range of users, - “Windows 7 Maximum“.

• “Windows 7 Initial“. This version is the most simplified Windows 7 option. Its main goal - use as the preset operating system in netbooks. In this version you will not be able to change von Rabotschego stola, there is no Aero interface, the system of automatic creation of backup copies on other computers of a local network is not supported, there are no Windows Media Center programs, Notes, Scissors. It is clear, that it was made in order that the prices of netbooks with Windows 7 OS were not too high.

• “The basic Windows 7 House“. This basic Windows 7 version is focused on home users whose computers do not differ in special power. As well as in “Windows 7 Initial“, in it there is no Aero style support, and also some multimedia opportunities.

• “The expanded Windows 7 House“. This version is also intended for home users, however in it there is a support of the Aero interface. But still there is no system of automatic creation of backup copies on other computers of a local network. You will also not be able to operate the personal computer in the remote mode.

• “Windows 7 Professional“. This version includes all functions “Windows 7 House expanded“ plus an opportunity to attach the computer operated by the called version to a corporate local network with support of domain names, and also a possibility of remote management of the Desktop and support of technology of enciphering of data of BitLocker.

• “Windows 7 Maximum“ and “Windows 7 Corporate“. These versions are the same product, but with different names. All difference consists only that “Windows 7 Maximum“ is intended for wide audience of users, a “Windows 7 Corporate“ is available only according to the special corporate license. These products unite in themselves all functions mentioned above plus additional opportunities. For example, new technology of data protection (enciphering of data of BitLocker That Go), all language packages, the BranchCache technology for increase in speed of access to a big corporate network, support of a virtual disk.