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What is love?

of People it is firmly convinced that there is the only and true love about which there are legends. Therefore people try to find and learn it.
What is love tried to understand any generation.
However many passed time, people will come back to a question what is love? Initially the person presents to
the real feeling so: the ideal partner, suits all requirements, does infinite recognitions, mad acts, grants desires. Everything is fine! But not always the ideal relations give emotional pleasure. The person is not so simple to be limited to external prosperity, the soul demands something fine. There is a wish not only be darling, but also to love. But, when to the person there is no this high and fine feeling, there is an inexplicable emptiness … there is nothing to show to the partner, and there is no fire. Then the person renders a verdict: “Yes, you are good, but I do not love you …“. For someone the one-way love is better, than its absence, whatever one may do, the one-way love is feeling too. The one-way love is much finer than indifference, how many appeared fine works, verses, light-sad memoirs thanks to this feeling. And what fine remained from indifference?
How many exists cases, lives the beautiful woman with the husband the loser. It was exhausted. All advise, to throw it, and it is better to find. But it is not solved, loves.
I what turns out?
A turns out that this feeling does not give in to calculations or rational thinking.
the Unconditional love does not lay down any conditions more likely this desire to love, to give part of the soul to darling, to care for it, to protect it. If the woman loves the husband not absolutely successful, it does not mean that she is sorry. It means that it has to it no consumer relation. To love - means to be with the person up to the end, not only in clear day, but also in hard times. As in an oath.
Happen lucky who are loved certainly, that is on the present. Any conditions, any requirements - just be. It is not necessary to be the best, enough, that you are darling.

Many make a hypothesis that the love lives 3 years.
Hardly this feeling can be carried to the spoiling product soon. When mother loves the kid, she is not limited to his infantile age. She loves his all life. The real feeling, is unimportant to the child or the partner is not estimated in term. If people meet the person whom they love really, then they know that it for the rest of life. They are not afraid to bother each other, or to get into a household groove. They know that this person unique, dearest.
Love meaning of life for those who could find, solve, keep it, without being exchanged for minute weaknesses, greed, desire to suppress the half, to control. to Love
- means, treats as the dityu, infinitely, disinterestedly to give part of the soul and the heat.

If you look for a certain person with certain advantages, select him by special criteria, it is rather, search of suitable party. It is impossible to connect a pure feeling to favorable calculation. Because these concepts are far from each other.
Before looking for love, reflect what you look for - a pure feeling or comfortable existence with the person?