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The world day without tobacco. What put future prepares for us?

Alas, on one to smoke it will not turn out. The modern heavy smoker will credit not less pack of cigarettes in a day. For fight against smoking the World Health Organization in 1988 declared on May 31 in the World afternoon without tobacco.

According to WHO data, on all planet the number of smokers reads off scale for one billion people. In Russia this figure menacing - about 50 million. More than 300 thousand Russian smokers a year die for the reasons connected with smoking. It turns out that from tobacco “plague“ the large city becomes extinct every year.

From where there was a tobacco? Indians cultivated and used it for several centuries B.C. The Indian community used tobacco in the ritual, social purposes and for a relaxation. After day heavy, full of dangers Indians twisted one big cigar which was called “Tobago“ (“tabakko“) and in turn smoked it. Thereby they reduced stress, and at the same time like feeling of a collectivism without which it is impossible to survive in the jungle. Leaders used smoking as a certain ritual act. Indians considered tobacco as gift of gods.

Christopher Columbus`s expedition, having come back in 1493 to Spain, brought on the European continent not only gold, any diseases, but also tobacco leaves. The highest European society liked both jewelry, and an overseas “miracle“ potion. Some doctors and politicians promoted tobacco promoting. It not only was propagandized as substance for pleasure, doctors prescribed tobacco leaves to the clients as a good remedy. Smoking and chewing of tobacco became the fashionable phenomenon.

Two centuries that tobacco expansion absorbed the whole world were required. To Russia this hobby came at the time of Ivan the Terrible`s government. Within several decades tobacco gained popularity. However subsequently the Russian authorities began to put tobacco “clamps“. For smoking of tobacco and for its sale severe measures of punishment were entered, up to the death penalty through the useknoveny heads.

If in modern Russia to apply these Draconian laws, then nearly a half of adult population of the country will remain brainless. Here it is worth focusing attention that such severe measures (in many countries, not only in Russia) were undertaken not as manifestation of care of human health at all, and for religious and purely pragmatic reasons. The church considered tobacco as “a devil potion“, and the authorities were anxious with distribution of the fires from - for not extinguished cigars. And only Pyotr the First in 1697 lifted a ban on smoking. And, wishing to pass for the educated European monarch, even encouraged this addiction.

Smoking of tobacco throughout a long time was the privilege of generally notable and rich persons. Simple people or did not know about this potion, or from - for high cost were content only with stubs of cigars. After the authorities of many countries monopolized the tobacco industry and began to create new factories with introduction of the special equipment, tobacco smoking owing to low cost gained mass character.

First “call“ about harm of smoking from the point of view of medicine sounded in the middle of the 18th century. The doctors conducting researches began to claim that the nicotine which is contained in tobacco is dangerous poison which leads to some serious illness. Concerning lung cancer - the figure reaches more than 90% of death at patients. The American actor Wayne McLaren, the most famous advertiser of the Malboro cigarettes, died in the prime of life from abuse of smoking.

Despite many prohibitive measures, the addiction does not give in. If drug all is recognize as dangerous substance, then to cigarettes at many flippant attitude. It is not so simple to refuse tobacco dependence. On polls, about 90% of smokers admit that it is difficult to leave off smoking. There is a set of methods on disposal from an addiction, but the panacea was not invented yet.

WHO offers at least one day - on May 31 - not to smoke. But these appeals - that peas about a wall. September 22 is celebrated as the World day without car. The city authorities call motorists at least this day not to use personal vehicles. But to refuse favourite “bibikalka“ also difficult, as well as to smokers from “pacifier“.

Therefore three largest tobacco companies in the world - “BAT“, “Philip Morris“ and “Japan Tobacco“ - can joyfully rub hands: so far nothing threatens their prosperity. The statistics of consumption of tobacco products is various, it is difficult to call the smoker the country. Certainly, by the number of smokers the palm belongs to China. Also Greece, Slovenia, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Spain, Japan, Poland, France, the USA are among leaders. In a year the astronomical quantity of cigarettes - more than 5 trillion pieces is made and on sale.

In Paris in 2001 the only Museum of smoking in the world is created. In it a tobacco story for many centuries is told and shown. Well if tobacco really remains only a museum relic.

Since June 1, 2013 in Russia the antismoking Law urged to lead resolute approach to smokers and the tobacco industry comes into force. Very much we recommend to fans of cigarettes to study attentively the Law, especially article 12. According to it it is possible to receive quite notable 15 - meter penalty kick on the smoker`s purse.