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How it is correct to make chopped puff pastry?

For a start we will understand what puff pastry consists of? Oil or margarine, flour, water is its part and it is not enough salt. The “real“ puff pastry demands a lot of time for preparation and certain skills. Chopped puff pastry becomes much quicker and very simply. Here we will also try to prepare it.

Such dough happens two grades - fast (on water) and with addition turned sour - dairy products, for example, of a yogurt or kefir. I do fast only as necessary when it is possible to eat only “not ferial“ food, but I will provide both recipes.

We will begin with not fast the recipe.

Products necessary for chopped puff pastry:

- butter (or qualitative margarine) strongly frozen - 200 g;
- flour - 3 glasses;
- kefir or a yogurt - 1 glass with edges;
- 1 teaspoon of soda without top;
- a salt pinch.

(Or margarine) we place oil in the freezer in advance, it has to be strongly frozen. It needs to be nastrugat in large flakes, it is convenient to do it by a long and wide knife. It is possible to rub on very large grater.

As soon as oil was nastrugat in flakes, to it we fill up all flour at once and we add absolutely a little bit salts, literally a pinch. We continue to mix and cut oil with flour, we do it only by a knife, the less we touch the test by hands, the it will be better. Dough has to consist of the small not thawed parts of oil alternately with flour therefore if we begin to interfere with hands and oil will thaw, we will receive not puff, but banal sand.

We add soda to kefir or a yogurt, we mix. From - for reactions mix begins “to boil“ and will increase in sizes. To oil - a flour crumb which was made earlier, we add gradually the boiled kefir or a yogurt and we continue to mix only a knife, as if we cut and we chop dough again. When we add all liquid up to the end and dough as a result will become rather uniform, here then it is possible to touch it - densely to press out in one sphere. We clean in the refrigerator.

From this test it is possible to cook any pies, they will turn out air and crackling. When at you the stuffing is ready, we pull out dough from the refrigerator, on plentifully sprinkled flour to a board we roll dough, as seldom as possible besides touching by hands, we cut on portion pieces, we do pies and we put in an oven. We do not forget to grease with the shaken-up yolk from above that they looked presentably. If dough is made correctly, then the small pieces of oil in the test which are flattened out at a raskatyvaniye when frying will thaw and will create puff effect, products gentle and crackling will turn out.

For fast the test a compounding same with the only amendment - instead of kefir (yogurt) with soda in cut oil - flour mix we add water with vinegar. Waters it is necessary a little - an incomplete glass, and vinegar 1 dessertspoon. In the same way we cut and we chop dough to homogeneous mass, we press out hands and - in the refrigerator.

Some hostesses after addition of liquid continue hashing not by a knife, and hands, but I, for example, so never do, I try not to touch dough. Hands it will be necessary to mix dough as soon as possible that oil did not thaw, there is a danger to spoil. So also you try to do everything only by a knife.

Now it is a little about a stuffing. With such test, in principle, it is possible to do any pies, I offer you the recipe of a stuffing for a sweet dish under the name of “ring road“.

The stuffing for Kada is very simple. For that number of the test which we did higher, we take 100 g besides of strongly frozen butter, strugay its knife again. We add to it 1 glass of sugar and as much flour, we mix. This oil - sakharno - a flour crumb will also be a stuffing for Kada.

Now we do directly to ring road. We pull out dough from the refrigerator, we roll on thickness of 1 cm or is a little thinner, so that dough was rectangular. We pour out on it a stuffing, evenly we distribute it and skatyvay in a roll by wide part. Obliquely we knife the received roll on pieces in the form of rombik, we shift accurately to a baking sheet (the stuffing can pour a little, it is informidable), we grease with the shaken-up yolk and we bake.

Kada will be almost ready as soon as from above becomes zazharisty color. We switch off an oven and we will leave pastries “to reach“ that inside was not dampish.

In Georgia and Armenia to ring road eat with tea or coffee at once, yet did not cool down, but this sweet dish is good also cold. Prepare and try, you will not regret!