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Whether there is a friendship between the man and the woman?

Friendship between the man and the woman... many argue on this subject, but cannot find the answer. Whether there is she or not.

In my opinion it is necessary to begin with definition what is friendship. The friendship between men and friendship between the woman and the man is two different things. The man`s friendship has no continuation, it is just friendship of two same-gender people whom something unites. In a case with the woman, it another story altogether. There is a continuation of friendship. You should not forget that the sexual inclination is not controlled by a brain. The spinal cord is responsible for it. It we on biology in the 9th class were told. But, later I began to understand that this rule does not extend to girls. And at them really in a brain something switches and they can look at the guy / man as on a sexless being with which it is simple to have a good time. And it is a root of all problems which arise in a consequence of this friendship. And the problem is reflected then in both “friends“.

And so, I suggest to review an example of friendship between the man and the woman throughout all her existence. Let`s begin with the fact that we will look at definition of friendship which are given us by Yandex.

The friendship, human relations based on mutual attachment, spiritual proximity, a community of interests.

The friendship is when in your life there is a person who is very dear to you and on whom you can always rely as on yourself. The friend will never throw at a difficult moment.

The friendship is the human relations based on love, trust and respect. As a rule, the relations of friendship connected the people having common interests. The friendship concept assumes deep internal attachment to each other and special frankness.

The friendship is more, than the pleasant company or proximity of interests. Friendship - the deep, sincere relations including the whole complex of emotions. Deep mutual understanding of people is characteristic of friendship. It means an opportunity to communicate with each other practically without words, by means of gestures and a mimicry, to perceive and to precisely understand each other on the basis of almost inaudible movements and the intonation clear only to friends and not perceived by people around.

Read? Spiritual proximity, deep internal attachment, community of interests. And if to consider what on this “friend“ also COSTS? How it is possible to be on friendly terms with the person on whom at you costs? It seems very vulgarly, but indeed actually.

As I understand, friendship between m and. arises when they communicate in one company. They can really be on friendly terms some time, but over time their communication becomes more frequent and close. It is worth specifying that on my memory there is no acquaintance who would begin to communicate with the girl who to him was not nice closely. And close communication is resulted by a spark which is the catalyst for transition of friendship to new level. The man begins to consider the woman not as friend and as the woman. Yes, and here still that and if the company in which our heroes communicate breaks up, but they so like society of each other that they begin to meet without friends. It takes away it after work, having a snack at restaurant, are ringing during the day and so on and--. What it, friendship?

Well think! Why to the man to spend time for the woman who is just a friend? It either idiot, or gay. It what, cannot find to itself the girl?? Why to spend time with the woman with which nothing shines it? But if he sees off with it, with the friend, not really nothing means? In such friendship there will always be that who loves and that who accepts love. But if the second undertakes nothing, does not increase a distance for a while as the option, then turns out, it uses the person. Causes it mental anguish the indifference and as we know one-way love can live for years, but over time dies away, leaving a bitter deposit on heart.

And what such “friendship“ comes to an end with if after all one of friends opens the feelings? You have assumptions? In my opinion can be so:

• when one admits, the second begins to laugh with words, we are friends, you what you arrange? You represent what becomes to the one who is in love? Laughed at its feelings and rejected.

• second option such. One admits, the second understands that his “friend“ feels and supports by words, speaking, sorry, I cannot reciprocate to you, you are an excellent friend, but I did not think that everything so will develop. Thereby to the person to take the one-way love not so hard, he is understood, and supported.

• and third option. When “friend“ does not tell it about the feelings being afraid to lose the person dear to it. But it is undoubted, this slow self-destruction which as a result will give to one of points above.

Anyway after there are such situations to friendship the end comes. Because to that who loves, it is heavy to be near a subject of the adoration and not to feel reciprocity. And to the second, properly it becomes is a pity for the friend and to spend time, with that who is in love with you, but will never receive in reply to reciprocity simply not beautifully and difficult. And the distance between people increases. But there are also such situations when the person knows that he is loved and despite it continues to communicate with this unfortunate as quarrystone - that occurred nothing. Without understanding at the same time that his friend tests.

And here final thought. As practice showed most of men do not believe in similar friendship whereas women trust. From this it is possible to assume that girls because men, sooner or later, give in this case a weak point are on friendly terms nevertheless. And as if it did not sound, but girls control this situation moving away and approaching the man`s friend.

Girls, think of it when your “friend“ suggests to take away you from work.