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Whose dance - theater of experience? To Mahmoud Esambayev`s anniversary of

“Such people as Mahmoud Esambayev, meet I do not even know in how many years. It, in essence, is so plastic, so musical is already expressive... that everything that it executes, nobody else could not...“ These words told by the famous Soviet ballerina Galina Ulanova very precisely capture the essence of talent of Mahmoud Esambayev. It was the unique phenomenon in the world of dance - original and unique. by

to Mahmoud Esambayev would execute Today 90 years. His surprising natural talent, magnificent plasticity, bright effective “eagle“ appearance conquered the whole world.

I did not happen to visit its concerts - owing to age, and here my mother told about the impressions of speeches of this actor. History was amusing. Esambayev was on tours twice in the city where there lived mother with parents. She was a teenager, about 11 - 12 years, and usually on evening concerts of children of such age did not take. But somehow she was lucky - whether pleased with excellent estimates of parents, whether still that - she does not remember any more, but on the first concert parents took her with themselves.

A concert not just was pleasant - it stunned. “Dances of people of the world“ - kind fifteen brightest miniatures in suits improbable for those times, perfectly put light and game with a shadow - all this very much impressed my mother.

She was not inclined to dance according to natural data, and that precisely would move where - nibud to try. Where could, mother looked for news about the dancer, collected publications in newspapers and magazines.

Passed years 3 - 4 - and suddenly on posters she sees this name and a figure of the favourite actor again. Well and of course, asks at parents on a concert. Parents answer it that she already saw a concert, and are not going to comply with a request. Then the young young lady shakes out the moneybox, runs in cash desk of philharmonic hall and becomes the proud owner of the ticket for magic representation.

And business was late spring, during landing of potatoes. And as ill luck would have it, allocated to parents the earth, and it was necessary to dig a plot under potato landings. The girl is not small, the girl even - and of course, parents acquaint her with digging of the earth. In day of a concert, by the way. All entreaties that the ticket will be gone break against iron fatherly - “will dig up this site - and go to yourself where you want“. The site, by mother`s words, was very rather big. At first she very much was upset. But character at it desperate, joined an internal tractor soon - and literally in a couple of hours it on - Stakhanov dug up everything … Tired, but absolutely happy, she managed to come back home, wind ringlets, to change clothes - and in philharmonic hall.

At the second concert already focus of impressions was shifted. The most remembered fact is a thinnest waist of the actor: you represent, only 47 centimeters! And he very was proud of it, told from a scene that he is forced to monitor strictly food and not to afford any excesses, despite very rigid daily trainings. The waist of the leader of a concert, the lady in a black dress, very much considerably lost in comparison with Esambayev`s waist and therefore she along with it on a scene tried not to appear.

Dancing miniatures were still magnificent. Especially to mother the dance “Gold God“ was remembered. Dance, by the way, very difficult. It was a key of concerts and the business card of the actor and was created on the basis of the Indian temple ritual dance. The plot of dance tells about how god Shiva, having woken up, watches the events happening on the lands of India from rising to a sunset. The dancer began dance squating on a floor (“a full plie“ in ballet terminology), to ankles it attached numerous hand bells. From this situation to it it was necessary to rise and rise slowly and very smoothly to the utmost in one and a half minutes. And any hand bell standing should not have begun to sound. Then six minutes the main dance - and also slowly lasted, in one and a half minutes and with the silent hand bells standing it needed to sit down in initial situation, symbolizing a decline. The Indian consultants claimed that the movements of dance it is possible to study a minimum in eight years. Mahmoud mastered them in twenty days!

I with pleasure listened to these mother`s stories. Thanks to them, I recognized this remarkable actor, watched videos with his dances, read materials about it.

It, of course, had an improbable natural talent and enviable working capacity. Dance was with it all his life. Since seven years he quickly danced at the Chechen weddings, in 15 became the soloist Checheno - the Ingush state ensemble of a song and dance, and in nineteen was accepted in the Pyatigorsk operetta. In the forties the last century his family got under deportation and was banished to Kyrgyzstan. And here the talent was not gone - it was accepted the soloist of the Kyrgyz opera and ballet theater, and actually it became at sources of the Kyrgyz choreography. Here it performed many classical parts.

But soon the academic framework to it became close, and he addressed national dance. So gradually there was also its well-known program “Dances of People of the World“. With this program Mahmoud Esambayev visited the whole world, and the whole world was conquered by his talent.

“By all means look with at Esambayev! Esambayev`s dances is a theater of experience, but not representation. Each speech of the master on a platform, each his miniature is, I would tell, the small finished ballet “, - the famous ballet master Yury Grigorovich said about Mahmoud.